Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Source

As opposed to hitting the sauce, I have been coming up with some ace ideas. So ace in fact that I am going to share one here.

I haven't mentioned that for the past few weeks the Doctor has been suffering from a double middle ear infection along with tonsillitis. Thrills a minute, let me tell you, and now he's on to his third round of antibiotics. YAWN!

And Tiny has been sick too. Triple YAAAWN! She's been cranky-ing up a storm. The Doctor and I are sporting some ace bite and scratch marks.

Besides the time we've clocked up in the doctor's waiting rooms, we've really clocked up some bills go back and forth. And I have come up with quite an ingenious plan.

It works like this: each time you visit the doctor, you get a stamp on your little 'loyalty' card. After nine stamps you get the tenth visit FREE! Sound familiar? Yes well it is, if you frequent a cafe, then I'm sure you've done similar, but I am definitely the first person in the world to ever come up with this awesome idea for visiting the doctor. So good we should bottle it. Perhaps I should get it patented?

The image above is from here. It's a chocolate bar loyalty, but wouldn't it be super for the dentist? Buy nine fillings, get the tenth free!! What a treat.


Anonymous said...

AND... once you hit 1000 you get free visits for life. One of mine would have clocked that up in his first few years of life. If your plan had been in action by now I'd be mortgage-free!

Send if off to @kevinruddPM. He needs to know how very clever you are!

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Sorry Missus, but the idea was already thunk, back during the great Hoppo Bumpo pneumonia farce of 2009. Its a goodie though. I vote you lobby K-Rudd with the idea too.

Hope poor old Tiny & the Doctor are feeling much better soon. (We have croup here. A barrel of fun.)

straw76berry said...

You know that is the ONE thing that I do NOT miss about the years I spent living out in the states. What a terrible thing being required to PAY for health care!! and what a misserable thing for you if you couldn't afford the care you need. I can only imagine what it must be like for a mother not to have the funds to pay for her childs care. Well that is one thing I am very proud to say we Brits have got right with our wonderful NHS free medical care for all!!
My thoughts are with you all and much love to Tiny and the Doctor...and their very entertaining Mama xxx

JustJess said...

Love this idea! I'll sign the petition!

Cindy said...

I think that once you fill out your card that the poor mum should get a massage not yet enother free visit. Hope you are all on the mend

One Flew Over said...

What about after your 10th visit you get a weekend off?

Jodie said...

I could have done with that this winter....Awesome idea !

Aussie-waffler said...

You and Liesl are super clever, but I am in agreement that by then tenth trip, mama gets a free day at the health spa. Hope everyone is better soon.

Nikkers said...

I think it's a great idea. But why doesn't your doctor bulk bill for children's visits? I know a lot that do - including mine here in the never never and so did the one I had in Sydney.

Alexis said...

Maybe that could be part of Obama's health care plan? The dentist bills for all five of us are killing me!

I hope your house is healthy and happy very soon!

Anonymous said...

so I'm catching up on a bit of blog reading and come across your loyality card!! As a mother of 3 who also drinks coffee, I've previously asked for one and without any acknowledgement of my attempt at humour - have been flatly denied! So I LOVE your mum's version for a happy child version! My boy is also on 3rd round of antibiotics and has had tonsil surgery on Wed postponed

best wishes for speedy recovery and check out priceline for cheap Lindt :)