Thursday, 17 September 2009

There's A Moral Here

I don't have any tales of small people meandering through the woods and finding their way to a gingerbread house. Nor do I know of a small red-hooded girl and a very hairy grandmother. I don't even know a Jack with a certain green bean. But I do have a moral for all would-be domestic goddesses.

This morning while in some sort of cleaning frenzy not recognised by man (certainly not my husband at any rate), I tripped down the stairs with Tiny in hand (you see I was trying to get her to come downstairs so we could get the heck outta here) when I entangled myself in the vacuum cleaner cord, trod on the actual plug thing, then twisted my ankle and now I have a very sore, very bruised, very don'teventhinkabouttouchingitorbendingit toe. Thankfully not the big one.

But in case the moral here is not transparent enough, here it is: housecleaning is dangerous. Do it at your own peril. And remember to wear a stack hat, knee pads, mouth guard, steel cap shoes and - actually if you're wearing that, then well, you probably kind of look a bit like a dork, and you know me, I'd rather just leave it.

I'd show you a picture of my toe, but I think it's too ugly to share. Therefore, I deem this a picture-less post.


Pip Lincolne said...

Don't do it.
Don't do it at all.
Read a book or make something instead.
Maybe someone else will do it, then?
Do you think?

AND no one ever says 'she kept a nice neat house' at funerals do they? They say 'she was so much fun at parties' or 'she was very lovely'. Never about the dusting.

Anonymous said...

In my experience there are very few 'couch' injuries. No one says - "look at this injury caused by sitting on my couch". Thus in the name of all things safety and injury avoidance I believe that we should sit on our couches.

Heal quickly!

Bek said...

Sounds extremely ouchy indeed. I hope it doesn't hurt too much and is much much better soon.

This is a timely warning for me, I was getting all dust busters, but perhaps I will pause for safety's sake.

Aussie-waffler said...

Oh deary deary me, this is a very woeful tale indeed my luv. Toe injuries are never good but especially not as toe baring season comes upon us. Hope you heal at lightening speed *shazam* (did that help any ??) x

trasha said...

ow! I think we should all listen to Peppermintpatcher.

Swirlyarts said...

Cleaning is overrated anyway - and just think your children will be building up good defences to bugs and germs because the house isn't sanitised and over clean. That's the excuse I use anyway!

Jessi said...

you are such a funny one... but sore toes are bloody sore!


Leonie said...

Oh No!
Sounds suspiciously like a broken one if it's that sore and bruised, especially if the bruising travels down your foot a little.

How is Tiny? She didn't get launchedor squashed did she?

dorothybills said...

That's it, I dont think I should take the risk, what a shame! Thanks for the warning, I always thought housework was dangerous!

Laura Jane said...

Hah! I knew it!

THAT'S why I don't do housework! Its an OSH issue!