Monday, 23 November 2009

Cool Things For Cool Kids:: Christmas

I'm virtually shopping. I get to avoid the sweaty crowds. The anxiety provoking car park fiascos. And the large credit card bill. But here are some of the best things I've found in my virtual travels that I rate as top gift ideas. And everything's under $AUD50.

Ridiculously cool retro-licious PJs from Australian label Kideko ($34.95) (plus check out their Paumes books. LOVE!)

Super cool shadow puppets from Monkey and Wellington - I think the T-Rex would be a hit in our house ($15)

Super cool Bullseye Bean Bag game that comes in its own nifty bag, ready to pack up and go! $30 Cass from Snailblazer also has made these gorgeous story-telling cubes - so beautiful

Liam - the super duper cute Blinkie from Beecah (Blinking Flights) - very cleverly made from a vintage napkin, I can only imagine just how soft he is! $US25Made from a vintage tea towel this cute lil bib for the lil one in your life - Georgie Love - $15

These wooden dinos from Tiny People $43

this cool print from Ashley G $US20
Delightful. Wistful. Loveable dachsunds from Alice Apple $US19
Hand screen printed tees with very funny slogans by the very funny Well Spotted (all made in Australia) $35I love old fashioned wind up toys. This one has sensors to stop it going over the edge. Got to love that, Kido $18.95

(top) She's Apples! Cute coathanger by Pakhuis Oost $US32

(bottom) I've never seen a real live racooon, but they look cute. Right? Stitch your own up! $US26 - both from Three Potato FourI love baby slippers. And these baby ducky slippers, they just about tip me over the edge. So cute they should be made illegal. Luckily they're not. Snaffle them at Lark $24.95


Toni Brockliss said...

I love everything. People are so clever.
I spend my life in a daze. People are inventing bunnies from napkins and I just watch Ellen.
I really must get serious.

Jessi said...

ohhh great choices lovely !!!

Maggie May said...

daschunds are precious!

Cass said...

Thanks for the plug Lexi

Aussie-waffler said...

Nice finds Missy, lovin' that bean bag game, does it include a really big rule book that says "DO NOT THROW BEAN BAGS AT EACH OTHER, ONLY THE BAG." ?

THE ESSESS said...

So much to choose from! But lets try! I love theP.J.s how cute are they, also loving the daschunds and the Dinos...

Great pressies for xmas!

Anonymous said...

Shadow Puppets! I had forgotten about them!!! Thanks PMM!!!

Tania said...

Excellent. That's half of the extended family catered for. NOW WHAT THE HECK DO I DO FOR THE TWEENS????? (Terrified at being labelled the bad gift auntie)...