Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Inadvertent Weaner

Tiny has weaned herself. Just three nights ago, at bed time, I asked her if she wanted milk to which she replied, 'No!' and then happily went to sleep. I felt a bit miffed, but was sure she'd be back the next night. The next night I asked her if she wanted milk, and she responded by walking to the kitchen cupboard, getting a cup and then chanting 'Nulk! Nulk! Nulk!' So she was poured a cup of milk. She didn't drink it and then went to bed. Tonight is the third night and she's not even said one thing about 'nulk'.

I didn't feel so bad the other two nights because it didn't strike me as anything but a fickle almost-two-year-old. I thought she'd be back. Not that I was thinking we'd contine on with 'nulk' for much longer. The Doctor weaned at 20 months, and I remember a sadness that crept in at that time. But this time around, the boobie-mad Tiny has gone cold turkey and I can't help but feel a little wistful. I'm know it will pass, but my little Tiny, turning two in a few weeks. So I'll just appease myself by looking at old photos that really aren't that old. Sigh.
If you're in for some light comic relief, you can take a different walk down mammary lane and read my post about breastfeeding when Tiny was just 8 months old.


Sally said...

My son weaned himself at 14months and I was devestated because I really wanted to breast feed him until he was two. The problem was that he was just too darn busy to sit still and have a feed... he wanted me to crawl with him as I fed & whilst I am up for most things my own co-ordination has it limitations!
So often I am led by my children - they seem to know when it is the 'right' time before me in relation to so many things!

Tania said...

Yeah, thanks for nuthin! Precisely how I felt when I went away overnight and upon my return the two year old wanted 'Moo Mulk'. I started off coming over indignant at being called a cow, then indignant because the cow really was the preferred option.

Mrs, you are the Queen of the Pun.

tea with lucy said...

Well done you two for making it this far!

I had planned to make it to two, but a dual bout of gastro at 18 months put an end to that.

Laura Jane said...

Ooh, its hard when its sudden like that. She is REALLY pushing your buttons in so many ways huh? Independent little Miss.

I'd be a bit sad too.

My son was a reluctant weaner at nearly 18mths, I was not too happy with his waking up at night again for feeds. He'd been essentially feeding to sleep until then. I'd started work a few days per week and it wasn't fun anymore.

However if I'd known then that he would be my last direct feeder I would have kept him at the breast longer. I REALLY missed BF with my second, who was born with special needs including a cleft palate and never went to the breast. I expressed for 29 weeks, and was immensely proud of that effort, she had another 5 weeks of milk stored when I stopped! Woot!

Even now I almost regret not having a third child, just so I could BF again. Maybe this would this be a solution for you? Just asking....


Kym said...

My little whirlwind weaned her self off the boobie at 10mths. i was devistated. She started by refusing the bedtime feed then the afternoons then the mornings and then would have a total melt down if dared offered her. The whole process took about 4 days. She is now 20 months and still likes to put her had down my top, wrinkle her nose up, and say.... ''boobies no mommy'' then start laughing!

Aussie-waffler said...

I remember feeling like that, but had found breast feeding quite difficult both times, so I guess it was a small relief for both of us.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Tiny is so clever! And you are very very brave for not being terribly terribly terribly sad. I don't my lass will wean herself; but I don't want to do a cold turkey wean either. I don't know what to do. I am happy to keep going as we are form now; so time is on our side.