Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Fascinated? We're Whipping It!

Happy Melbourne Cup punters!

I used to ring my grandmother and put on my very best Shane Dye impersonation. She loved it. Because I am exceptionally talented at doing impersonations (and would like to give Michael Winslow a run for his money). Ok. Just Shane Dye, that's the extent of my impersonations. It's not like if MENSA had a division for voice impersonations I would be in. It's just that my Shane Dye is insurpassable.

So while we're sans fascinator, we are whipping it, but without the crop. We're going old schoolie whipping. It's 38 degrees. Eek. Hawt.

If you ever meet me in person, ask me to do Shane Dye. Then give me a bottle of champagne. Then ask me again.


Aussie-waffler said...

One day Missy...one day :)

Jessi said...

aghhh you are a funny one :)

Mel said...

Does it get better or worse after the champers?

And holy sh*t so totally with you on the heat. Probably a champers would go down quite well right about now!

Cass said...

If only I'd known that before Sunday, watch out next time I see you

Jade said...

Great post! Perhaps you could You Tube yourself doing it so I could have a laugh???