Sunday, 1 November 2009

Jam Production Is Go!

The Doctor and I have been madly tending to our pots. Plucking wayward weeds. Watering. Sticking stakes back into crazy tilting leaning tower of tomatoes. Watering. Weeding. Ok ok, so you get the picture.

And today all our hard work culminated in our very first strawberry. We were proud!

You see, months ago we'd planted some strawberries in our small patch of dirt. We watered them. Tended them. Weeded them. (Ok ok, I know you get the drill). And then one day I went to check on them and my MIL's dog had dug into the strawberry patch and covered every single plant with piles and piles of dirt.

Feeling totally despondent we abandoned them. Those poor strawberry plants that we'd loved dearly. Drat the dog.

Today was momentous. We sat on the back step and we savoured that first strawberry. Well. One of us did. For a brief, very brief moment.

We dream big here. Jam production is go! Go jam production go!

PS - Don't forget to enter the giveaway! And if you can't think of a 'lightbulb moment' don't panic!


Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hooray! Well done you!!!

Marilyn said...

It's so funny to read about Strawberries and gardening. We are getting ready for winter here. I live in Marysville.Washington. There used to be strawberry fields all over this area. Only a few left now. Our town has a strawberry festival every year. I'm enjoying my freezer jam on my toast right now. Marilyn

Sarah Lou said...

Congrats on your first strawberry! May all dogs keep away!

Aussie-waffler said...

Yee hah, looks as monstrously huge as the strawberries we grew. The Coach & the kiddies just spent the weekend putting in our new seasons vegie patch, so many sweet little herbies & vegies, I will love them and love them and eat them and love them :) x

Mel said...

You know what? Two years ago we planted strawberries in a pot and watered them, tended to them (etc etc) but to no avail. ONLY once we completely gave up on them did they start to fruit! Clearly strawberries are private plants that don't like too much interference ;)

Hope there are many more to come!

flossy-p said...

Well, you guys are doing stacks better than me in the gardening department! Stacks better!