Sunday, 6 December 2009

Croup Doggy Dogg

Fresh from the throwdown showdown the Doctor was struck down with croup. Miserable fevers, the seal-bark cough. Again. Crank up the vapouriser. Batton down the hatches. After a few days convalescing at home, he's much improved. Just in time for Tiny to come down with some bug which has her biting my arm, headbutting the floor and so sick, sick, sick. Miserable fevers, the seal-bark cough, the lack of want to sleep, the crying, the clinginess, the pure misery. Poor little sausage. Both Matt and I seem to be wearing her around the house as the accessory du jour. Poor, poor little sauso-rillo.

But on the flipside, yesterday I was allowed out on day release for good behaviour. I skipped straight over to the Material Obsession Swap Day where I picked up a super cool necklace (will blog later), and then zoomed off in pursuit of some sweet action in the shape of The Finders Keepers markets.

Was I disappointed? (only with my wallet) Heck no! I got to meet the one and only, the star, here by popular demand, Victoria Mason and her partner Cass. Who I proceeded to rabbit on to (and they were probably thinking, stop talking ladY!). Oops sorry. Clearly I don't get out much. It was so fab to finally put a face to a name and meet them both. Yeehaw!

Victoria Mason morning tea set $175

What a beautiful market space Finders Keepers have in Carriageworks. Space to walk around, cafe, music, art exhibition. LOVE! I will definitely be heading back.

I also said toodles to Lisa at The Red Thread. She's a total market whirlwind, I think she'll need a stiff G&T by the time Christmas rolls around. She's also going to be at Allie's Attic and Mosman Village Art & Craft markets (my internet is so woefully slow I can't check the correct name, so google it to check out her beautiful wares).

Lisa Tilse Sushi bird tiles $150

I met some other virtual pals too such as Anna from Able & Game (snaffled some of her witty cards). Anyone I missed? Jeepers I hope not, but hello to you too.
Christmas tags from Able & Game $USD6.50


Mama Mogantosh said...

Oh, sick kiddos making scary noises. Yukky. Shame you didn't find cuddly water-bottles amongst all the loveliness..Hope they feel better soon.

Cath from chunkychooky said...

Jeez- poor bloody you!!! Hope the smalls are on the mend now. I am envious of those city type things such as finders keepers!! I do love a bit of Voc and mas- esp. the pencil shaving necklace!!

Kirsty said...

Sorry the smalls have been so sick!

I hate's the pits.

But hooray for chatting in the flesh with Vic...she's ace.

Mel said...

Oh dear ... we have a seal here too ... which means no pre-school which means no grocery shopping which means no milk which means ... gulp ... NO TEA!

Poor smalls and poor, poor you (except for the bit where you got out and found that AWESOME stuff! How cool are those cards!)

katiecrackernuts said...

I've been good. Honest. Why won't someone let me out? Sounds like you had a great day. Hope the wee ones are feeling better soon.

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh no, I hope both your littlies get better soon.

flossy-p said...

I went to Finders Keepers too. It was AMAZING!!!! Wasn't it! I too am VERY disappointed with my wallet, and it with me. Spenders regret? BIG TIME. Buyers Regret? NEVER!

I just got back today. I'll have to do a photoshoot of my loot and do a show and tell too :)

lisa :: the red thread said...

Gosh, I'm sorry to hear about your sick little ones.

I'm glad you managed to get out because it was lovely to see you as always... and that necklace you were wearing is gorgeous. And the lamb one is very special too!

I'm also loving Victoria's gorgeous jewellery. I've been coveting it and stalking her stall at Mag Sq in Melbourne and now at FK.

It has been a whirlwind... after Saturday I'm falling in a heap.

Cindy said...

If you have to put up with sick children all week at least you picked a good escape for the day. I am a little jealous sounds like a great outing. I love my Victoria necklace soooo much.

earl and cookie said...

oh Lexi it was SO nice to meet you! (i didn't notice any rabbiting, you sounded completely lovely to me:))
it's great to meet in person someone you've only known online - sort of like meeting a celebrity!
i totally loved finders keepers & hope i can do it again but rumor-has-it that even going their twice is lucky - but fingers crossed huh?