Sunday, 17 January 2010

Pretty Things

Thank you for everyone who voted in the polls. The decision has been made, and it wasn't easy. I am a hopeless decision maker, and throwing it open made it even more difficult. But I do thank you for helping me, because I was swayed by the voters - and thanks for those who said try again - I didn't. Well I did see yet another dress that tore at my heart strings, and if I had an endlessly replenished wallet, I would buy all three. Alas, I will have to wait until I win lotto (must be my turn soon, yes?). Eating is overrated anyway, right kids?? Right?! The Doctor even told me a couple of times to just buy them all (probably hoping that it would end the boredom of being in frock shops).

I sometimes read/look at The Selby. Though sometimes not, because let's face it, I could get lost over there for hours looking at all those beautiful homes. Sometimes I just need to get offline and get real. It's true. Shocking but true. All those gorgeous couples with gorgeous houses. And what always strikes me is: how do people meet?

I think I've posted previously how Matt and I met. Actually, yes, yes I did, and here's the link here if you feel like tripping down memory lane.

How did you meet your lover?

Today the Doctor and I have been doodling together. Sometimes we free-style it, sometimes we're inspired by stickers and then we draw scenery to go with them.

I've also been:
- washing the bed linen
- burning pine nuts
- grocery shopping
- listening to Parallel Lions
- watched Beautiful Kate

Please feel free to inspire me.


the textured leaf said...

my husband proposed the day we met...just to see what my reaction would be. His exact words were (of course i still remember them, who wouldnt?), 'so.... when are we getting married?' i replied , 'whenever you like'

Linda said...

Husband and I started talking marriage the day after our first date too. Our story is a very long one, but can be found on my blog:


Leonie said...

Met my husband while trying to write a computer program at Uni. I stood up and yelled out to a room full of nerds "somebody help me!!" and he stood up and said "all right" and the rest, as they say "is history".

PS have noticed that your sideways picture problem has been rectified, yay you!!

Cath from chunkychooky said...

I met Chef after not really noticing the 6 foot 4 giant until after a night at the pub we all ended up at a mates place and out he came with lamb shanks , mash and brocoli for everyone. a plate each. the shanks had been cooking while we were up the road at the pub. We had chatted a little bit before bthis is when I really noticed him... it was another 9 months and just four days before he was about to move 550km away that his love declaration came...

Jessi said...

oh pine nuts burn SOOOOO quickly... i use to have disasters all the time when i use to make pesto... ALL the BLOODY time! ;)

That printed dress is so HOT right now! I am loving it on you!!!
My oh MYYY!


Shelley Trbuhovich said...

my brother knew l'homme for 2 yrs before i did. they played basketball in a represetative side together. my bro came home and said to our mum, 'i think i've met the perfect guy for shelley', she said, 'well, don't say anything, you know what she's like, we say one thing, she does the other.' i broke up with a longtime boyfriend around c'mas time and was MISERABLE, my brother mentions he is off to a party, the host was l'homme, he asked me to go; i was completely infatuated from first introduction. five weeks later we had our first date after he sent me roses....we married within the yr...he proposed after 2 wks. we were children!!! feb 15th. 2010 marks 20 yrs of togetherness since that first date.
ps. my bro was in the wedding party, of course! xxx

Cindy said...

Some shonky stories are maybe best left unsaid, but the pub at Auburn opposite the Maccas will hold a 'special place' in our history. We have those stickers too - aren't they tops!

Fiona said...

Chris and I went to high school together - and met properly first in year eight. In year nine, after he won every race at the swimming carnival, I got one of my friends to ask him out for me. He said yes, and thus followed a week where he tried to talk to me and I would run off shrieking. He then, unfathomably, broke up with me (in person, gasp) and thus our first attempt was doomed.

We tried again the year after high school...that attempt was much better, involved more conversation, and has so far lasted ten years.

Cindy said...

I forgot to say too that Spotlight have a sticker making machine thingy that is normally $90 down to $22, where you can put through pictures or drawings and it adds the sticky bit to the back, Caleb loves his

Bec @ honi design said...

I don't think I've EVER had un-burnt pine nuts! The buggers just burn so quickly :(

Mr Honi and I met at the Greenwood - very classy venue I know. But it was love at first sight and he moved in at 5 months and we were enagged at 11 months!