Sunday, 17 January 2010

Summer, Where For Art Thou?

Just kidding hot stinky days, I don't miss you. I'm enjoying these rather cool overcast grey, grey days. Bring on le rain I say! Ban the humidity too. Yes, let's call for a ban on humidity because it ain't no friend of me (or my hair for that matter).

I wonder what you're up to in this weather. It's perfect for:

- snuggling
- watching movies
- tea! tea! tea!
- baking
- ironing (er! pretend I never typed that)
- listening to music and doodling

Every time I hear the Sydney Festival ad on tv I squeal into the room so fast I am definitely faster than a racing car. Without doubt. Why do I run for the ad? Because of this beautiful song. The Middle East had me at hello.

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