Friday, 19 March 2010

Here We Are...

Well Tiny is kicking back on the couch watching Upsy Daisy over and over again while demanding more and more ham. The bad thing is, I don't have any ham. She's also covered in ice cream, and while you may be thinking - 'what the heck, it's only 11:32am!' - she's been sick all week and it's been a struggle to get her to eat very much of anything. She's drinking diluted juice and sniffling away with cuddles on demand. Half covered in snot, getting sleepy but denying the need to rest. Ah this is the life of a toddler. Nothing really makes sense. Except the Pontypines are heading off to bed, so perhaps this is fortuitous, will Tiny go to bed like she needs to?

Enough about Tiny and her baby-man flu. I'm here to talk tees. And Tiny definitely needs a change in tee given she's covered in ice-cream. Perhaps she could have the top tee (for only $15 - on sale - it's practically a steal - and hand printed - and it's made in Australia. Otherwise she could definitely use the second one, but perhaps I'd have to cross out twice and replace with thrice).

For those who are in to Entourage - this tee is a brand new design - $35

Well Spotted tees are all hand screen-printed, and all made in Australia (which is a rare and golden thing). They also stock a range of eco-friendly tees. After all green is the new black.

Check out Well Spotted's website for more details.


lisa :: the red thread said...

You're a blogging queen. My google reader is always showing a new post from PMM! Loving your blog. I laugh out loud every time I visit. As a mum I know that the issues with the smalls aren't funny, but you have to laugh don't you?! I'm not sure I like the alternative.

Those T's are excellent.

Cat said...

I SWEAR by the quality of these too. My little guy has 2 (the good boy one and a star wars one too) and I've bought them for my nephew too. I don't usually like the slogan thing but these are funny, funny, funny.

Oh, and I agree with the awesome Lisa's comment above (who is a blog queen also by the way!).