Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Seven Things..

This week I have been tagged by Wendy of the Textured Leaf and Anna at Rummey Bears for a Kreative Blog award. I have to tell you 7 things about myself and then pass it on to 7 blogging buddies (it's kind of like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers but without the nuptials.)

And 3-2-1, here we go:

1. I've worn glasses since I was 4. I had pink glasses right up until I was about 9. Then I switched to some sweet action Jonathon Sceats frames. Because let's face it, I know style.

2. When I was little I wrote stories all the time. I'd sit up on my Mum's typewriter and type them out straight from my head. I loved the clack, clack and the sleek black of that machine. I'd then illustrate them too with scratchy lines and coloured pencil.

3. I have shaved my head twice. It was an awesome feeling. Until one of my parent's very elderly friends thought I was a boy and then kept exclaiming that she thought they had had three girls, and in fact they had a boy. I sat there and didn't say a thing while my parents kept saying, 'No no, she's a girl.' She was deaf and partially blind, so probably continued thinking I was a boy. Shortly after I grew my hair back.

4. One night I was out with friends and this guy approached me. I exclaimed 'Wow you look like... YOU ARE TOADIE!' - it was Toadie from Neighbours. He quickly left me alone. Phew.

5. Every night before bed I insisted on my Dad tucking me in really tight. So tight I couldn't move. If I moved and and the sheets lost that tension, I called out to him to come and tuck me back in. I now realise why he would get so annoyed at me.

6. When I was growing up I wanted to be: a lawyer (until I found out how long they go to uni, er no thanks), a teacher, a writer, or a TV presenter.
7. I am really an overweight middle-aged man sitting here in my undies and a net singlet. Ok. I'm not. But I can't think of a seventh.
Can you?
Seven things for seven bloggers. Who wants to play?
Ok. I have the guilts. My seventh thing about me: I really love to dance on tables. Back in the day when I used to frequent Hugo's I used to clear stranger's tables off and hop up and dance. It was compulsive. It was contagious. It was uber fun.
Oh and the picture above is me. See how white my teeth are? Something to do with fluoride. I must have been 3, sans glasses.


Cindy said...

I can so see that gorgeous boy of yours in that photo!
I sure to love writing when I was littler too, I sometimes wish that I still had time to practice it more.
I loved the caterpiller tuck too!
Interview was so cute too, but what do you mean not so crafty lady

Belinda said...

Cute cute photo x

teddybearswednesday said...

you know I've never danced on tables, never thought about it, but it's never too late right?
I loved learning some more random things about you Miss Lexi.
thanks for tagging me.xo

mama bear said...

Thanks for playing lady! That's a great list. I like the idea of a little you in glasses with shiny white teeth clacking away at a typewriter.

And dancing on tables... makes me think of my uni days... which in turn makes me feel a bit nauseous. Yowsers.


heather said...

what is a net singlet? i love reading you australian girls because you use words i've never heard of so often....i've yet to dance on a table too, but you're giving me a fun idea for my next dance monday....