Friday, 23 April 2010

Garbage I Have Loved

I haven't written for a long time about garbage I have loved. And found on the roadside. I am like a foster mother for dead furniture. Matt's told me no more, but quite frankly, when he told me that my ears weren't working.
Here's a sneaky peek at one of two repro Bentwood chairs I found, amidst a goldmine of garbage.

I'm in the middle of giving them a makeover. Oh how I love this pink paint. Subtle. And yet, not so. Because it very softly whispers - I am pink! I AM PINK!

I'll show you more over the weekend.

If you have the desire, you can cast back in time to when I compulsively looted some roadside trash and scored some ace finds. I still think about those times. Those were the days my friends, we thought they'd never end.


Little Ted Canvas said...

That is a gorgeous chair, and I love the pink! Isn't it incredible the things people throw away...though I am most grateful that they do!

Christina said...

Repro or not! My gosh, the jealousy!

I do love a colour that whispers. :)

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

during the aforementioned period si when I first started reading your blog and I htought it was so hilarious... like a little soap opera playing it wondering what ius she going to fine next???!!!
ahhh those halcyon days.....

mama bear said...

Love the chair. Love the pink. And what you said about the pink.

PB is always bringing stuff home from the side of the road, except we're too lazy to refurbish anything so we have all this crap old furniture. Sort of like at uni. Except for the skanky couch. We have a grown up couch. (And no bean-bags or lava lamp).

Hang on... what was I saying? Oh yeah. Love the pink!

teddybearswednesday said...

it's an beauty Lex, you're the queen of garbage gold ( in the best way possible)

erin said...

Dear PMM,

i think our hearts are connected and sing together! i too love garbage (and your blog of course)! it baffles me that people could throw away such preciousness - but i am thankful for it!!!

it is hard rubbish collection soon in my area and this made me super happy - and it made me think of you!

lovin your work and stories and you! - keep your chin up and know that you brighten many a day (especially mine!)

LOVE! xx

Two Tuesdays said...

I love bentwood chairs! I picked up two from the Mitchell Road Auctions ages ago. I took them home on a bus, light rail, train, bus. Totally worth it.