Thursday, 27 May 2010

Pets Are...

I was always brought up that pets are for life.

I had a cat who I adored. Adored. He was the best cat that ever lived. I still get a bit teary when I think of him. He was an awesome cat. He was more person than cat. I love cats.
I also had a rabbit Flossy. She had babies. Oh how I adored them. When they died I was sad too. I had chickens too. And they went missing. I was sad then too.

So when we bought Nibbles de Boing Boing we thought that he was going to be with us for a long time.

Handbag and high heel eating aside, Nibbles de Boing Boing has been a very, very bad boy.

Despite having him desexed as an attempt to neutralise his menacing behaviour, he's still psycho bunbun.

He growls.
He bites. And draws blood.
He scratches at you if you go near him.

If I only had two words to describe him I'd call him: plum loco.

After much discussion, to-ing and fro-ing, we decided that regardless of the vets advice we could give him monthly shots of progesteron (the pregnancy hormone) that we would take him back to the breeder. We were feeling no love for him after he attacked us countless times.

You might be thinking - but he's a bunny, surely he's harmless, well try telling that to my handbag. Oh I mean headphones. Oh woops, slipped again, the smalls have been bitten and attacked by him so many times that he's almost due for a muzzle. He's mental.

This weekend we're returning him to the country. And that's no code word for the green needle. He really is going back to the breeder who has agreed he sounds a wee bit psycho and that sometimes bunnies can be a little loopy.

I still feel sad. He's a beautiful boy. Superficially. Just personality wise he's lacking. And keeps on attacking.

Have you ever had to return a pet to sender?
Happy Birthday Dad!


Siobhan Curran said...

I had a bunny once. Milko. He was white. Anyway, Milko was a complete psycho. The bastard would shred you to pieces if you managed to pick him up. Warm and fluffy my arse. More like cold and bitter.

Siobhan Curran said...

Oh, and once mum thought it would be cute to get a female white poodle as a companion for our male black poodle. He was named after the saint of the school my dad worked at (Aloysisus) so mum thought it would be a good idea to name the girl dog after the school she worked at (Loreto). Unlike Aloysius who was a very clever house-trained dog, Loreto spent the day shitting from one end of the house to the other. In the end it became all too much at Loreto had to go back to the Vet she came from.

teddybearswednesday said...

Oh Lexi, I'm so sorry to hear about Bun Bun. It's awful to have to do that.
But you did the right thing.
we got a dog a few years ago we got a dog and she was a lovely dog, very shy and scared. I think she had been beaten or something. But then she bit a family friend in the face, so we had to put her down. So I guess that's sort of similiar

katiecrackernuts said...

What? You sent your Dad back to his parents? Sorry, just read that again. Was moving fast.

Uh no. We have a dog that had already been sent back to the RSPCA. Yes, we're the ones plum loco. It's been a hard road. The dog thinks it's human. No, seriously. It's got us trained now though.

Bianca said...

aaah waskelly wabbits. I bathed mine. He drowened. Sad, sad true story. (I was 4) They got me a cat after that. Tried to bathe her and she ripped me to shreds. Lesson learnt. I would not feel too badly, hes obviosuly just too wild at heart.

Rachel said...

Yes unfortunately we had to return a crazy cat. The rabbit does sound LOCO so you're making the right choice, though I still feel guilty about the cat.

Michelle said...

You did the right thing.

Every day I curse the person whose dumb idea it was for us to get a puppy. Oh wait, that was me, she says picking up another shredded vintage Enid Blyton book....

Stacey said...

My brother had a dog who "went to live on a farm." Well, a different farm, that's what he was told as we lived on a farm.
Despite being a beautiful dog, he had a nasty habit of chasing the neighbours extremely valuable racehorses and our not so valuable sheep. When he caught the sheep, well you know what happened next.
Poor Jay. We never did tell my brother that the "other farm" was at the bottom of the garden, under a newly planted tree.

Sara said...

My friend had two cats, brother and sister, who proceeded to pee on everything she owned. No, really, everything. The rug, papers, clothing, even a plastic grocery bag. I've had cats with litterbox issues before, but when there's two of them they seem to feed off each other with negative behavior. After a year, she had to take them back to the humane society--luckily they both found good homes. (Or so they said.)

I've never owned a bunny, but if your rabbit was as aggressive as you said and you've got small children, I say you made a good call.

Sarah said...

Oh yes we had a psycho bun as well - the rest were lovely. You are doing the right thing. This psycho rabbit is just putting the fear of animals in your children - not good.

We were asked to return a kitten once by a breeder because it kept weeing on the doonas ( the local cleaner got to know us on a first name basis DAILY for two weeks) - apparently they released this kitten to young - sigh.

Having lost our dog recently the kitten talk is coming back and I am not ready yet. ENjoying the moment of no pets (is a gold fish a pet?) and not having another living thing to worry about...

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

If he is drawing blood and generally being unpleasant I reckon you did the right thing. still hard though. I remember when my childhood fat cat Pudgy had to be put down. DEvastating... i cry even thinking about Zac my dog not being with me...

Bec said...

I think you've made a hard, but right decision. As cute and lovely as animals can be, they are not always safe to have around young'uns (or nice foot-ware!)

My beautiful cat Buttons had to be re-located when I was pregnant, he just went nuts and kept attacking me unprovoked! Really vicious too. I must say it didn't take long for me to fall out of love with him with that sort of behavior :( Now he is very happy, living with my cousin.