Sunday, 22 August 2010

But Did You Vote For PMM?

If not, don't expect your trench in the mail.

PS: this is NOT my vote. I didn't donkey it.


kris said...

I heard someone say on twitter they were going to punch every second person the met over the next week in the face for voting for TAbbott. Ha!

I hope that wasn't a dummy vote?

Anonymous said...

PMM wasn't in my electorate ;-(
Thanks for making me laugh EVERY day & on the odd occasion SNORT out-loud! (Fetchingly of course!)

ClaireyH said...

Yes I did, only in the Senate of course. I was doing whatever I could to ensure we had a female to lead the country in house of reps and the red house.
Sorry, don't have a snazzy phone to confirm the vote as you did.

Expect you to come through as a winner once the postal votes are done.

Let me know when my trench is in the post.