Sunday, 22 August 2010

Just What Ken be Done?

I know one of my sister's is particularly going to be interested in this post. Read on dear reader, for it will unravel before your very own eyes.

The other night Matt alerted me to the fact that an Aussie blogger is wearing Ken Done designs for the next 365 days to raise money for refugees.

A brilliant cause with a brilliant iconic Aussie unwittingly at the helm.
Ken Done has been panned over the years, but it is without doubt that his euphoric use of colour and naive line is instantly recognisable as he colours the Australian landscape.
You too can get involved in this ace project. You can donate or loan things for Jackie to wear on her well Done fashion adventure. You can donate a few coins too! Or even send in a photo of you wearing some iconic 80s Australian fashion (think Done, Kee, and so on).
Jackie pays homage to The Uniform Project too - what I think is one of the most effective fashionable, charitable social media projects executed!
Anyway, go over to Good Fashion for Good and read more about it. I won't hijack Jackie's awesome plan!


Corrie said...

how cool is that! I remember when everyone had ken done on a t-shirt or jumper - we all had tees and jumpers for when we lived in england ( I was in year 3!!!!!)

off to check it out


veri maz said...

aw 13 year old me would have been so up for this challenge, i was soooo obsessed with Mr D. I had the Australis scent, the bed sheets, the shorts, the stationery you name it.