Thursday, 2 September 2010

2 Letters Down, 28 To Go

I am well into my thank you note writing. I've written two, they're addressed, they're stamped, they are ready to be posted whenever I next see that telltale pillarbox red. While I can write a letter a day, I can not get to the post office 30 days running. Sorry receivers!

I'm on the lookout for some cute new notelets to add to my collection. As ever, Lark carries such a great range of pretty/cute/funny/quirky that it's troublesome choosing! But how cute is the Able & Game card above? I met Anna of Able & Game fame at Finders Keepers a long time ago. I chat to her on the Twitternets now and then too. She's a swell gal.
Please vote for me and send me away!


Mira Narnie said...

yes, well, i think i should vote for you...i just read a few posts down that you haven't been on a holiday in some time! that is a travesty! ps - love that you are bringing back the handwritten note! email me your addy and I'll post you some of my cards if you like...;-)

Frankie Small said...
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Frankie Small said...

Ah yes, i have trouble walking two houses down to where the magic red box lies to post a letter....what's my excuse!!!!!I've got two letters that have been sitting on my kitchen bench for over a month now and still can't walk the distance!!!

Carrie said...

Hey PMM. I'm a massive fan of the handwritten note and Able and Game (and you, which goes without saying really). My absolute favourite is the 'If I were a zombie I'd totally eat your brains first' one. Bought it for a friend I'm a bit sweet on but since he's otherwise attached decided it was a little inappropriate. Maybe I should send it anonymously. Although since I sent him an altogether more appropriate one he'd probably guess where the anon one came from. Catch ya later, skater. Cx

Toni Brockliss said...

This is not notelet related (but you are amazing and will
write all those letters) but you were talking about the undercut hairdo a few posts back.
Saw this model and thought "good golly PMM would rock that hairstyle!"
Cabanossi Jatz-Crackers (my new stage name)

Sam said...

Lark rules!

I just bought a whole heap of cards from them.

Carrie said...

The card actually says, 'If I was a zombie in a George A Romero film I'd totally eat your brains first.' Oops. Me bad.