Friday, 3 September 2010

Back Me Up Here

Whenever we go on holidays I seem to pack a lot of stuff. Matt hmphs and pmphs about it - but what could be worse than getting somewhere far away, and forgetting THE beloved softie, or some extra snacks for along the way?

Our car is always packed to the gills with lots of stuff. Portacot. Games. Books. Clothes for all sorts of whether. It's the nature of travelling with children. And even for myself, I like to pack some spare clothes in case someone *ahem* wants to take me out for a dry martini and a romp on the dance floor.

My tendency to overpack harks back to days of yore. I clearly remember my own mum being hassled by dad for packing so much 'stuff'. And now I've started our own version of this apparent family tradition. I even receive a few sly digs from my FIL about how full our car is.
Back me up here gals. It's a mama's perogative to overpack right? It's mandatory for road trips to not be able to move an inch because you'll disrupt the equilibrium of pillows, spare blankies, toys, books and a bit of crafty stuff just in case you get a chance.
To make myself feel inherently better - I found this website - Wheels Near U - which features a whole gallery of overpacked cars. At least I am not the only one.


Sam said...

I ALWAYS overpack. And often return home from holidays with clothes that are unworn and STILL clean.

When we went to Noosa when Abi was 5 months old, we packed a WHOLE 4WD to the brim with 2 adults and 1 baby. It was mental. We only needed about 1/2 of what we took.

I'd rather have too much than too little ;)

Nat Kringoudis Melbourne said...

See now, this is something IM good at! I don't over pack. I often fly carry on luggage only - for both my daughter and I when I visit family interstate. I pack the bare minimum, I work out in my mind what I will be wearing and pack inter-changeable outfits!
I figure, if I don't have it, I can buy it - any excuse to go shopping really!

Miss E said...

Not just a mama thing, a girl thing I think! I'm ridiculously bad at overpacking, for 'just in case'.

teddybearswednesday said...

Always overpacking, i agree with Miss E, definetly not just a momma thing.
I constantly take too many shoes, outfits, books, yarn and projects, never to mention at LEAST 2 bears.
I hope someone takes you out for that martini xo

dear olive said...

My first trip overseas, I fell over from the weight of my pack at the ticket counter in Amsterdam as I was picking up all my duty free bags (??) and like a turtle on its back, could not get back up without help! There were at least 3 pairs of shoes that never even touched European soil xx

Anna Bartlett said...

"If it fits, pack it" that's what I say. Although I'm usually the one in the front passenger seat, wedged in within an inch of my life. Hmmm.

Angela said...

For sure you over pack...but your partner knows not to make comment or roll his eyes because he knows for sure, that there is no way on gods-green-earth that he would know where to begin packing for the kids. He's just glad his two pairs of clean undies and a pair of swimmers can assist the family by freeing up a bit of space for other luggage. It's perfect harmony really.

Corrie said...

that photo is hilarious!!!!!!

serial overpacker! so much stuff goes unworn! not that I get much chance lately to pack for anything - oh no wait, my hospital bag needs to be packed!


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

I could have written this post. (but OBVIOUSLY not as eloquently) It is a constant sourse of squabbleing about how much I pack for myself and for my small one. Chef will go into the bedroom and return 2 mins later saying "I am packed" knowing that I will get everything else like toiletries etc. and then he says "look how much you have!". He cannot believe I need more then one pair of shoes for a weekend a way! it is so obvious to all of you that OF COURSE I need more then 1 pair of shoes as I won't be wearig the same clothes all weekend!
I can't blame the mum thing I have always been an over packer. I just hate not having the right seasons clothes, if you are too hot or too cold it can ruin your whole holiday don't you think?

Leonie said...

Overpacking is a mother's prerogative. Quite apart from anything else who'd get the blame if something was guessed it - Mum!!

Anonymous said...
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Little Pinwheel said...

I always overpack. I do my best not to, but everything comes. I am going to melbourne soon and I want to take everything in my bag of tricks to help for a smooth holiday with little people. Although thinking they will rock the holiday with excitement and not need anything but the clothes on their backs. Maybe a scootie for some transport, stroller and ergo. wow I have so put my personal holiday issues right here! x