Friday, 3 September 2010

Budget:: Lashes?

I have rosacea in my eye which means I have to be tricky with my eye cleaning. Weird, yep, I know, but every night I have to make sure my eyes are super duper clean or they get all gross and gammy. So I avoid wearing a lot of eye make up on most days because it's a pain in the hiney.

When we went to the wedding a few weeks ago, I bought my first tube of mascara in over a year. Whoa nelly, I am crazy like that, but I realised I had been missing the mascara.

I love make-up. I am a self-confessed lover of make-up. So when I went cold turkey with mascara and tossed it to the kerb, it was a sad day.

But lately I've been thinking of false lashes. I love the look of them. Really. Love. The. Look. While dying my lashes is dandy, I already have black lashes, so I don't really see any effect. But fake eyelashes, or extensions, my oh my, me likey! Alas and alack, I do not have even the faintest idea how to apply these suckers myself, and would be worried that half my eyelashes would fall off in the middle of a meeting, giving me a jaunty-eyed look. Or fall into my cup of coffee and then I'd drink them and then be left with a milky eyelashy mo. Hawt.
I really, really want eyelash extensions. But my budget does not.
I think this is a 'first-world problem'. Uh huh.
the beautiful Twiggy via Erin Ralph


Michelle said...

I used to wear false lashes a lot. They're pretty easy to master, just take a little practice. The little clusters that you stick on the outside corners of your lashes are the go.

The whole strip ones need loads of eyeliner to camouflage the join, which I guess defeats the purpose.

check these out -

Mira Narnie said...

oh wow - false eyelashes transport me back to the days when I would go dancing at the metro all night long! practice with some cheapy's at the chemist! Have a great weekend ;-))

Anonymous said...

Paula Joye from Lifestyled (an online beauty and lifestyle blog) just did a feature on this. She was taliking about how much she loved fake lashes and how hard they are to apply and said that
'Shu Uemura are offering a complimentary application service with every lash purchase. Exclusive to David Jones – it’s a great thing to do pre a night out. Make sure you book'. She also recommends a product called Cara K half lashes that are supposed to be much easier to apply. I might give them a go.

ejorpin said...

I am currently living in the land of girls-with-lashes-like-those-of-a-giraffe (aka Seoul, Korea) and I am so desperately in love with the look of falsies (as is my husband, but that's another story...). And likewise I have no idea how to go about getting them. Putting it on the to do list anyhow. We can practice together maybe?

Little Pinwheel said...

oh hot look. go the long false lashes. new twiggy!

whateverscoolwithme said...

A few of my friends have had eyelash extensions, and yes, they can be expensive, but the results are awesome! Have you thought about visiting a beauty school near you? The may offer the service at a bargain price. Just a thought!

alivicwil said...

I'm a fucking spazz when it comes to liquid eyeliner, and stab myself in the eye with my mascara wand on a semi-regular basis, but I wore fake lashes to a fancy dress party the other week, and found them pretty easy to apply... and they stayed on all night through a fair bit of drinking, dancing and a smoke machine!

Caitlin said...

Hmmmm...budget lashes.... I know people who have bought them from the drugstore but I cannot vouch for the quality or lack thereof of them. I have never tried them myself but if you do, please post an update. I <3 your blog Lexi!