Sunday, 5 September 2010

Happy Days!

Today is Sunday. Day of Fathers. Well this particular Sunday is.

We woke to the Doctor at 6:15am shuffling in with his present, asking Daddy to open it immediately. We bought a bit of extra snooze-time, and he came back shortly after ready, ready, ready to unwrap. Tiny snuck in soon after and we've all been wide awake ever since. Yawn.

The Doctor's present was THE best. So cute. Preschool made a bound book of each child's drawing of their daddy, with a little blurb about why they love their daddy. Uber cute. UBER CUTE.

We juiced oranges. And celery. And apples. And made pikelets with a few stray raspberries tossed in for good measure.

We love our Daddy Cat!

You give good book time. You do good belly raspberries. You do great rumbles. You co-produce super ace little kidlets. ...Another?
----> Happy Father's Day to my great Dad too! I've left 43 messages for you. Maybe you can call me back?


Leonie said...

I love the kindy Father's and Mother's day art work. We had stuff from Kinder, childcare and school this year and Jules loves it all. I got the boys to draw in a book for their dad so this year it's all about the art and he loves it.

Vic said...

Adorable. I had to come over & comment on the 'rummbles' though - my Mr does that too with Le Punk - I did nae know it was a common thing! He says "Punk, are you ready to rumble?" & she squeals "Rumb!" & heads for the hills lol.

C U T E.

Loz and Dinny said...

Aw ... I love the kiddie art ... and Dads who rumble in the domestic jungle!