Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The End Is Nigh

My computer has been dying a long and slow and very ugly death.

It constantly blue screens me. Makes an alarm noise. It's crazy. But then I got it fixed. It was ok. We were back, friends in love. And now a just a few mere months down the track - it's latest affliction? Well the AC adaptor won't connect with the er, connection, and so I have to hold the cord in while I type one-handed. It stinks. Imagine blogging/working/paying bills/living la vida loca with one hand in some precarious position - oh and I can't move because it fritzes out and flatlines all over - while one-handed. It stinks.

I'm on Matt's computer because it does not have these same issues. Thank goodness.

I have a history of 'puters with afflictions. My last laptop died because the Doctor (at just 18 months of age) snuck over with his cup o' milk in hand and splashed the keyboard with a healthy dose of moo milk. I went into denial, left the computer to go to playgroup, returned and the screen was covered in pixelated computer speak. I freaked out and the computer dude made an emergency trip to my house, and had to literally drain the laptop of milk - and make a coffee with the score - and then thankfully rescued everything off the hard-drive for me. RIP Laptop.

Computers, sometimes you make me MAD!

If any computer companies wanted to send me a 'puter, I am totes happy to chat about how fabulous you are 'til the cow's come home. Milk companies need not apply.


jodi said...

mine is nearing its end too. But now I can claim it as a tax deduction. So a new one soon. Tiny's face in the post below is hilarious.

Cat said...

I too, have a love/ hate relationship with my computer. Good to know...milk and computers just don't mix ;) xo Cat

btw...it is a funny visual to imagine the repair guy litterally draining milk from the laptop! :)

Toni Brockliss said...

Oh heck. I am so lucky not to have these issues when I have an IT man at home. I will keep him around too because of his skills and that he brings the bin in and makes fantastic risotto.