Monday, 6 September 2010

I Want To Do Some Clarke-ing

This morning I took the smalls to see Justine Clarke on her 'Great Big World' tour. Man that woman is all sorts of awesome.

We got there a little late and the hall was already pretty full. I found a little spot towards the back - and my two smalls, hand-in-hand went to the front of the stage. Thankfully it wasn't Pantera. They danced, cuddled, jumped and clapped. Uber cutesie.

Justine and the musicians had the smalls captivated, dancing, even the parents were singing and rocking out to the familiar repertoire.

If you get the chance, snaffle some tickets. This afternoon Tiny has asked to go back to Justine Clarke - as well as saying she wants to 'do some Clarke-ing'. I'm guessing this is dancing to JC? Well that's what we're going with at any rate.

And if you do go, check out the ace Beci Orpin artwork. LOVE! (and check out her collab with Gorman - LOVE!).


Sam said...

Ohhh fun!

We are big fans of Justine in our house too. The Watermelon song is the BEST!

Vic said...

We're off 'Clarke-ing' later in the month. I can't say I'm looking forward to it in the slightest, but I know Le Punk will adore it.

Katie said...

We are going in a few weeks, when she plays at the seymore centre.
I bought tickets as soon as the tour was announced because not only does my 2 year old love her (we have all the albums/ dvds) but my husband also has a little crush on her!!
Its become a bit of a joke in our household, every time she is on tv he stops and watches too..

Mira Narnie said...

I L O V E a bit of JC!! she is so fantastic - i took my son to see her in concert a few years ago and I think i was just as excited, if not more!! I am always up for some clark-ing!!!

beci said...

aawwwww thanks. working with JC was an absolute dream - for me and my kids too. BTW your blog is awesome... loving it for a while now

ps apparently most husbands have the hots for JC!!