Wednesday, 17 November 2010

For The Record, I'm Happy For Them Too

This morning I was standing at the bus stop waiting for my bus. Waiting a little more. And then some more. So my good run of public transport was over. One day of awesomeness - and then boom!

Then I spoke to my Mum and one of the first things she asked was what I thought of William and Kate. I wracked my brain thinking - sheesh, I have to think fast, who is William and Kate in our family? Am I related to William and Kate? I was drawing blanks. Then I realised she was talking about Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Just for the record, I'm stoked that they're engaged. They seem to be a beautiful couple. I hope they enjoy a beautiful life together. They just look so happy together. SO happy. I love the love people!

I do.

Signing off,
Your Royal Correspondent
Princess PottyMouthMama


Lilli boo said...

thank you Princess Potty mouth :-) for the good laugh I needed before retiring to bed...seriously there's a kids book with that title waiting to be written now!!

Helen said...

I like it too - maybe because they seem kind of normal!

Marie said...

I love them too, for some reason and despite their celebrity status they seem to have a normal relationship. Her ring is beautiful by the way

Sarah said...

Me four! Oh how I love the love. Kate's a little Mary like in that shot. And he's a little Prince Edward like. Anyway, nothing beats a great wedding. She's going to look stunning.

Michelle said...

Eeep! I was sooo excited when I heard the news. I'm so happy for them. Such a lovely couple. And so happy there's a royal wedding! Hooray! Can't wait.