Thursday, 18 November 2010

Well I Do Like This

Right now I have some things I am big loving.

This song I have loved for a long time. The song and I are madly rekindling our love for one another.

The M.I.A. song above is one of my faves. M.I.A. is one of those artists I love to love. She's cool. She's uber achingly cool. Bone crunchingly cool.

I am also loving:

- more walking in my life. Even if it is just to the bus stop and back.

- polka dot cookies. Can't stop at one.

- having my Mum stay for the weekend - we miss you Mum!

- the weekend is on the approach.

- romance

What's ace in your world?


Little Pinwheel said...

I just bought maeve with two awesome friends.... oh my that is totally freakin' awesome!

that song ROCKS! love it xx

Aussie-waffler said...

Ace ? Well ace is my friends who keep me sane when everything in life feels topsy turvey. There's nothing like a really good laugh with the girls to lift your spirits :)

lauren carney said...

your blog is rather splendid
just putting it out there! :-)

x x