Monday, 3 January 2011

PottyMouthMama Does Potty Training Academy 102

In the last couple of months we've found ourselves back at toilet training.

Let this be heard: I hate toilet training. Hate it. It is, without doubt, one of my least favourite bits of parenting. Not that I am particularly into nappies, but toilet training. UGH!

But enough of that.

Tiny is trumping the Toilet Training Academy, star charting her way to success. She's all sorts of awesome.

Sure we've had a few hiccups, but she's come up with the goods. She's ace. She'll be graduating from the Academy very soon with flying colours.

I do have to ask whoever is in charge of designing potties though. What gives? Why did you make it so difficult to transfer contents of potty to the toilet? I never fail to make more of a mess when making this transaction. I could question the fact that I bought a budget potty, but no matter, it's a utilitarian purchase, and given this, it should work? Yes. Tiny has held up her part of the deal, but what about you, dear potty designers of the world?
image via Babble


Cat said...

We are about to embark on this adventure and I am dreading it! I'd love to know what strategy you use/d? Go Tiny! :)

Michele said...

in the throes of it now. So much stinky wet weed on carpet I feel as though we have moved into a public toilet (and a mens urinal at that).

Slow going with this little guy too. Spoiled by first child - all done and dusted at 2 yo in less than 2 weeks. A dream!

This time round - a nightmare.

And why is it that they can be dry for ages and then the moment...the are busy and drop the hypervigilance for that brief minute or two - its wee-a-poo-loo-za all over the darn carpet again.

3 times this morning - before 9.30!

Aye aye aye.

Anonymous said...

Go Tiny, go! She's a clever little cracker.

We've got an ace potty. It was big bucks, but my Mum said I'd really appreciate having a removable wee/poo receptacle bit. She was so right. Mums can be so spot on, hey?

Helen said...

oh yes I hate how they drip wee all over the seat/floor when you try and empty them. ANNOYING!

Little Pinwheel said...

we are there, just new into the academy. We have come to class a few times, to only wag a few weeks. I think he has decided that summer camp is more fun. So we are back to a few wees on the carpet, but mostly the toilet. Of course the nappy has to be on for the poo.

go tiny!

potty, what is that... went straight for the real deal both times. Not into the mess, and honestly not sure about seeing people with their potties in the lounge room, and watching a little one sit there like it was their chair.

spectacularfairywren said...

'wee-a-pal-ooza' - too funny...

good luck - cute photo.

My worst 'training' moments were those when you knew, JUST KNEW that because of the deathly silence, there was a poo being put in pants somewhere in a quiet corner in the house... there were some sacrificial undies here in our house! We also did the loo - but our kid has giraffe like heights...

teddybearswednesday said...

GO TIny!! She's a little star that one.
Have never had to go through the potty training thing, but can't imagine it's pleasant, after changing nappies for the last 2 weeks. So I'm feeling for you. big time. But least she's getting the hang of it.xo

Ange said...

we're just about to sign up for the academy too!! some tips would be great, no idea where to start really!!

Lindy in Brisbane said...

We never did the potty thing- straight to the loo with a very nice padded toddler seat on top. Just couldn't cope with the idea of more handling of excrement, tripping over a full potty etc. I was happy to wait till the kids were that bit older before we started,(like about 2 1/2), and the training was that much easier. Still hated it though. Glad my kids are all well beyond that. We're on to puberty now, and that's a whole other kettle of fish!

Anna said...

oh my gosh i am not into potty training,we've been trying since about the start of December and I think we've officially been moved to the spac maths class. she's ok at going when i watch the clock and remind her to sit on the potty but otherwise she just doesn't remember to go at all and then has a melt down if she has an accident. I'm tempted to leave it alone for a couple more months and try again then but i don't know if i've gone too far into it now that it would be bad to stop.!! arghhhh i have no idea what i'm doing!

go tiny though! :)

jodi said...

oh we just went through all that. Months of persuading and everyone telling me he would just do it one day and then...he did. Got up one morning and used the toilet. All this happened in my first trimester - not a good time to be wiping a bum and cleaning up 'i just missed the loo wee'
anyway, we're done now which means i don't have to buy nappies for 6 more months! Thinking of doing a bit of cloth nappies next time because everyone i know that has used them has saved money and there children have toilet trained much earlier (because they can feel how wet they are as opposed to the ultra-absorbent huggies).

PS. GO TINY! Have a star from me.