Thursday, 31 March 2011

F Is For Failing.

This Kindergarten mum thing has really overwhelmed me.

We've got notes flying in weekly that are 6 pages long. 6 pages peeps. I can't concentrate and absorb for that long. I forget things. I don't have a PA. Apparently I need a PA to manage these notes.

I can't manage these notes. They're managing me.

I keep missing key dates.

I forget to send notes.

We seem to be on some merry-go-round of gold coin days.

I've forgotten to send my son to school with extra fruit for fruit-o.


I've even given these notes their very own folder. They've got their own neat little home, but I can't track all the activity.

The thing is, I LOVE being organised, 'ello, 'ello, 'ello, so what's happened 'ere then?

I didn't know my son was meant to wear his joggers every day this week. Where was that note?

I didn't know the Kindy BBQ was on. My husband forgot to share that one with me.

I forgot the gardening gloves for Clean Up Australia Day. That's my own fault. I'll take that one on the chin.

I'm a worthless cheque. A total wreck. A flop!

Anyone got any tips to set me on the straight and narrow?


Whity Wife said...

woah- 6 is a bit much, how do educators have time to create that! As a teacher, when doing my planning I put everything on a massive calendar that I hang in front of me, right next to the computer! My only tip is to write it on a calendar as soon as you get the paper! then make sure the calendar (maybe one that is just for Dr's stuff) is in a place you see everyday! Hope that helps at all, I would be so overwhelmed!

Georgie Love said...

That is crazy. I would suggest opening a gmail account and start using google calendar. You can put everything in your diary and you can set it up so it will (FOR FREE) send you a text message and/or email at whatever time you choose telling you what the Dr needs for that day. I have only half a mind on the best of days, and it is my lifesaver.

Tania said...

I crazy is this note thing? I try and read them as soon as they come in. That way I can mark it straight on the calender and only keep the ones that are really important (like one's you fill out). A folder sounds like a good start...I should probably get one!

Anonymous said...

I'm with the crowd - a calendar of Dr. events. Maybe you dudes could get your creative on (when you are not reading notes, of course) and make a special we write note things here calendar? I'm absolutely digging my almost fail magnetic blackboard calendar. It is heaps of fun to keep together.

jayne said...

No folder for us, it creates an out of mind, out of sight culture with the notes. I agree with the other's, write the info straight up on the calendar, so it's done. Ours in in the kitchen, I read the notes in the kitchen, write on the calendar, pin the note on the noteboard. I find that I have to fill out forms, put money in envelopes etc, at the time of reading the note otherwise I forget. I throw out notes once they're a couple of weeks old. I only keep 4 pins on the pinboard, so I can only have up to 4 notes pinned up :) Yes, mothers of pre-schoolers do need PAs

Belinda said...

Seems to me that you need to employ a secretary to undertake all this family admin or "fadmin" as I believe one female commentator recently called it in one of sunday newspaper magazines. Seriously, I second the google calendar suggestion, you can email to your work calendar/hubby's work calendar, colour code, access from your phone, print out and hang on cork board...the reminders about things are a godsend! My verification word.."lattes"!

Kate said...

No advice here.
I've been a school Mum for 5 and a half years now and I am still floundering about. Last week we drove past school in the late afternoon and I made a comment wondering why there were so many cars in the carpark. Apparently it was parent teacher night...oops missed that one too.

sophie said...

I am STILL forgetting stuff and I have been doing the school thing for ages. I agree with all those clever peeps. I open the school letter with my diary right next to me and just fill in everything, I refer to my diary all the time so I am pretty much on track now thank goodness. But remember, you are certainly not the only mum forgetting stuff I can promise you that!!

Siobhan C said...

Ms 4's events take up more space on the calendar than my husband's and mine combined. She is FOUR and has a busier life than both her parents combined. I am with you on the newsletter thing. Though ours is called 'Newsflash' which is an oxymoron given it's 6+ pages each week. How many times does the school need to thank the parents who helped out on the Election Day cake stall? Three different times, apparently. I love fundraising, but it's only term 1 of 52 (13x4!) and I have fundraising fatigue already.

rachelmp said...

my kids get a school diary and the teachers stick in fluro coloured stickers so we can't miss key events. And the tell the kids to tell us too. Once they can read they can tell you what you need to do. I know its crazy. We have four kids at school this year and I am evented-out

Anonymous said...

It's not you it's them! I say it's all just a bit over the top! You're certainly not the only one getting a big fat F in this department.
I have no clues for you except to say let it all go .. the smalls will survive wearing sandals at health hussle and eating sandwiches on pancake day .. no orange tshirt on harmony day umm what else have we missed?

toni said...

Ok Lady. Don't worry.
You need to get yourself down to Office Works. Buy a cheap wooden clipboard and paint it with chalk board paint, then hang it on Doc's bedroom door.
Every single time you get a note pop your to do list on the board. It's just for Doctor's stuff. You walk in and out of a bedroom every single day, so you won't miss it.
Audrey and Elton both have one on the door and I find keeping the things seperate keep my mind in order.
Well sometimes.......
When I have a mind.....and don't look! a bunny!

BOB & MABEL said...

Its not just you, its all of us. There is so much going on at school. Sports days, excursions, class room reading, casual dress days. I stuff up constantly, forget things and get my days mixed up. My eldest is in her 5th year at school and I still haven't got my shit together!!!! That is not very helpful is it? But, you are not on your own.

norbyah said...

don't beat yourself up over this....i totally struggle in this area, too. it took me practically half the year to figure out my son's's ridiculous how much they send home.....and, i'm a teacher myself....yet i struggled to be on top of all the things at his school. i usually try to put everything in one central place (a big calendar in the kitchen).


Cass said...

I agree with what everyone has said. If a note comes home from school or pre-school and it needs to be returned (with or without money) I do it straight away otherwise I will forget. We get a term calendar from the school with events on it so I just stick that on the fridge as well. We also get the 2 page weekly newsletter that tells us what is on that week so that always helps remind me.

Michelle said...

Yep, I get a big fat F for fail too for being organised. I can't keep track of everything either. At least we get emails and texts instead of paper notes which makes it easier, but I still am hopeless.

That's why I put a big chalkboard by the door, it helps, if I can find the chalk!

danielle said...

Hi Lexi,

Ailish from Agent 99 PR has been trying to contact you about the Hunter Valley Gardens event happening over the weekend! Hope we will still be seeing you there!

Leonie said...

Don't file it until after it has been written on whatever passes for a calendar at your house/phone. Once it has been filed it is forgotten. We have had way too many experiences of missing "important" dates at our house.
Oh and get the Doctor and yourself to have a gold coin spot, you'll need it all the time :-(

Michele said...

LOL I believe I warned you of this. Some great ideas here. We are still perfecting it and into Grade one now. Combination of a folder for the note, wall calendar, diary, a laminated page with main things on/needed each day eg Mon=library, Tues = Choir etc, an "in tray" /Out tray(drawers in bedside table) and a whiteboard on the internal garage door so see it on the way out. Sounds really complicated hey? When it works it works really well. Not failproof by any means still cock up, forget things, get days mixed up and never seem to have the right change for all the bits and pieces that you have to send in each week, and changing schools between prep and one didnt help had to get used to whole new system/schedule/days etc. Let us know if you come up with any magical system to sort it all out - I do like Georgie Loves google calendar idea. Have thought about using my phone calendar a bit more but havent got around to doing it. And I only have one at school and another PT at kindy. Dont know how ppl do it with more kids - crazy!

sarah said...

OMG Lexie we are soul mates I think. My eldest is turning six in May. I'm new to this whole school-mum business. I FORGOT THE GARDENING GLOVES ON CLEAN-UP AUSTRALIA DAY!!!! I have a folder for all the motherfucking notes. I swear a lot. Is that why your blog is called Potty Mouth Mama? Mine is called Sewermouth. It's not very polished (the blog). I'd love it if you stopped by. I'm so glad I found your blog. I'll be dropping by regularly now!!!