Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Food Fight

I found this pretty riveting. Pretty compelling. Maybe you will too.


kirsty said...

very interesting! thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I just don't buy it, i.e the whole premise of this clip. It's not evil food companies that are not to blame for the rise in childhood obesity rates. Bad parenting is the reason that more and more children are piling on the kilos.

Listen again to the guy at 6:55. He says: "The (kids) rule in my house. Don't they rule in your house?" OMG! That - right there -is a smoking gun. It's THE smoking gun. Don't you see it? Put simply, kids wouldn't eat a mountain of crap if their parents weren't allowing them to eat it.

Why should the food companies be punished with more crippling government regulations for a crime they didn't commit? Parents of obese kids who point the finger of blame at the food companies need to realise that, in doing so, they have three fingers pointing back at themselves. As for the principal of the school who spoke in this video, she's a coward and a cop-out. Why risk confronting a parent about their lack-lustre parenting skills when you can simply blame some amorphous food company in some distant city? It's not as if the food company is able to defend itself against the charges being levelled, so what is there to lose, right? In my book, she's taken the path of least resistance and, for that, she deserves no respect whatsoever.