Friday, 29 April 2011

I'm Ready! Wedding Countdown Is On

I told you I'd dress for the occasion. We've hosted our own shoot and here I am, ready and waiting for 5pm to roll around.

My partner, Earl Grey and I will be attending the weddding together.

We're excited. In fact, I may even have butterflies.


Little Pinwheel said...

you are a classic Lexi! Seriously you give me belly laughs.... I cannot wait to watch the wedding with my little girl. We are going to have high tea!

Take care, and enjoy your date with Earl Grey. He is a spunk! x

My Bearded Pigeon said...

Dahhhhhling have a smashing time.

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

Ah looking hot to trot Lady Elsie Yoko-Park and loving that pom pom scarf on you Earl Grey.


Word veri: wasubli. Wassssssssubli.

Briar Stanley {Sunday Collector} said...

Super cute!!