Friday, 29 April 2011

Loving The Love:: Mario Testino

New pre-wedding shots by uber photographer, Mario Testino. I've clearly gone wedding crazy. I'm so freaking excited. I broke it to Matt last night that we'd be watching the wedding tonight. With some bubbles.

This is love! I LOVE LOVE!


Ellieboo said...

Dont worry you are not alone- we are putting on our op shop wedding dresses tonight and switching off Dora the Explorer for the big event over here

Miss E said...

The boyfriend is leaving the house between the hours of 6pm and 11pm, the bubbles are in the fridge, the cheese is bought and the girls will be coming over. Can't help myself, so bloody excited!

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

She looks gorgeous, doesn't she!

I cannot wait. I wish I was having the girls over, with some booze. I haven't had a drop of alcohol in over a year!

Bree said...

I still remember watching Di walking down the aisle. Boys not as excited as moi but suck it up chicco, Mumma has wedding fever!!
Enjoy the bubbles for me, my womb had a previous engagement.

Norbyah said...

cannot wait myself. going to a little royal wedding party after school and even my little girls are excited. anything that includes a real princess is VERY exciting. i'm suitably dressed up for the occasion today. what did you decide to wear? xo