Monday, 4 April 2011

This Is Like My Pinboard: A Party

My little man is turning six next month. Six. Wow. That is crazy talk.

And yet, we've promised a small birthday party to celebrate this 'six' thing. I mean, come on now, who said he could turn six so soon?

We've talked about party games (to which he replied: "Nope, no games!" and the kid in me responded: "What?! No games? What kind of a party is that?").

We've compromised on:

- Musical chairs

- Freeze

- Pin the tail on the donkey

But there's to be no pass the parcel. I tried renaming it to: Pass the gift. Nope. Pass the multi-layered present. Nope. I'll keep working on that one.

Maybe I can wrangle a pinata?

We've talked about looking at the good old Australian Women's Weekly cake cookbook together to decide on a cake. That's a date!

I've been checking out the Queen of inspiration, Martha Stewart's website. I'm sure I'll attain entertaining prowess by osmosis.

Anyone got any birthday party suggestions? I'm thinking we have it at a park - or is that ker-azy?

Images via Martha herself.


Rowantree Design said...

Hi..Check out this blog.
'Grey likes baby'...Hudsons first birthday. I got so imspired by this party even though Rowan is only 12 weeks old I am planning something like this for his first. I just love the buffet of little retro treats....Can't wait to see what you cook up!

Cindy said...

Someone was saying to me that the original ww birthday cookbook has been re-printed and available at Big W.
Have you tried replacing the word games with activities? Is his issue the win/ loose thing? Making your own lolly bag or party hat is always a good starter. Decorating their own cookies or cupcakes. Martha is gold I reckon!

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Autumn weather can be tricky. Fingers crossed for good weather :)

Pinatas are awesome. Party games are the best too. Nothing beats pin the tail!!

Abi is already talking about her 3rd Bday Party in July. She wants a Toy Story 3 party, good lord. Picture me, dressed head to toe in a Jesse outfit. I've used these peeps before, great stuff and they ship to Aus quickly too.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for simple, so I'd be pretty chuffed with your current party plans. They sound ace. I think by six, boys, especially, like their free play. If you did want to game it up - what about introducing some old school playground games like red rover or rounders or even a stirring rendition of what's the time Mr Wolf? You'll win in exhaustion/sugar high equation and the kids will have a ball.

ange_moore said...

The park is perfect!! And the original WW Cake book is the best cookbook that I own (and so much better than the new ones).

We did a great phot treasure hunt at my daughters last party. I just took photos of various things around the park a few days before hand, printed them at 2"x 3" at the local photo shop and sent them on their merry way. Worked well for all ages of kids because it didn't involve reading so the 18 mth olds loved it as much as the 10 yr olds! And the prize at the end was just their take-home party bag! Feel free to email me if you need more details.

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

I'm also looking for ideas as I'm pretty crappity crap at organising parties. We had too many games last year and kids werent really into them. they were more interested in chomping down all the party food. But Oli did go to a party with a treasure hunt and that was a huge hit with the kiddies. Yes to pinata. Yes to park. Yes to What's the time Mr Wolf.

teddybearswednesday said...

what?!! No pass the parcel!! What's he on about?
I do hope you can sneak in a pinata xo

Cass said...

This is a great site

I'm with the dr on no pass the parcel. I've banned it from parties too much hassle. we did it for my daughters 6th birthday and assumed, incorrectly, that they were old enough to realise there wasn't a prize in every layer. OMG the crying never again

Sarah said...

The kids always seem to have more fun when I organise less!!!! Park is great - easy for you and they just have fun playing...

WOW you are organised to be thinking about it in a month. NOrmally I get the ON MAN it is in two weeks then a week later I go S**T I really need to do something!

Michele said...

yeah whats with the present in every layer thing....toughen up kids toughen up. Not everybody wins a prize all the time!

6 yo party due here too and I am dreading the games/trying to avoid them like the plague.

Going old school with fairy bread and big box of dress up and ohhh look heres some bubbles and oh look theres the back yard - now go play and dont come back in til the party pies are ready!

Amy (badskirt) said...

no party tips from me, but I suggest a copy of A.A.Milne's "Now We Are Six" as a gift. I'd totally bring a copy, if I were coming.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that you can search the first 50 years of the AWW online? My work digitised it!

I know I'm doing a bit of product placement but I am so proud! It is such an awesome resource. Imagine all the old recipes and knitting patterns that will never be lost!

Awesome party ideas! The Dr reminds me of me at my 21st. My parents were only invited on the condition there were no speeches.

Little Pinwheel said...

a park is awesome, or outside... hoover the mess up into the bin and you are done. no fluffing about at home, and doing the housework before the party, and then after the party.

love party games. cannot believe they become "uncool" a the age of 6.


patchworkoncentralpark said...

My little boy is turning 32 tomorrow, and we the family have been bumped, apparently a film premiere comes before us so he can fit us in the next day. Oh well it had to happen one day.
Enjoy your little one while he is still yours, have a lovely day.