Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Handmade Revolution:: Special Giveaway

I'm pretty excited to learn about the Powerhouse Discovery Centre at Castle Hill. I didn't know something so cool existed - and just a stone's throw from me.

To amp up the cool, they're hosting UK contemporary artist and designer, Shane Waltener, to create an amazing, awe-inspiring outdoor art installation titled 'Outdoor Weave In' at the Discovery Centre's Open Day on Saturday 13th August.

But that is not all folks. As part of the Handmade Revolution program there's so much on - and I am sure there's something to pique your fancy: weaving, spinning, bobbin lace demonstrations, and activities for children including paper lace and mini rag-rug making - oh my!

The good news for YOU - dear reader, is that I have 10 family passes to give away. Tell me what you like doing with your smalls that is part of your very own handmade revolution. Lego? Playdough? Sandplay? Do tell!

To enter:

- comment (25 words or less)

- must be an Australian resident

- enter before Friday 5th August at 11:59pm

- winners will be contacted on Saturday and announced on pottymouthmama


Tania said...

Go and do some arty weaving bizzo for me, will you? I'll be stuck back in Melbourne attending to my 'ends'...

Posie Patchwork said...

Like Tania, loving the idea but in Canberra busy with my very real handmade world, so can't attend, but yahoo to those who can, do!!
My handmade revolution is most definitely cruising along at home teaching my 4 everything from sewing to knitting to crochet to embroidery, even the boy, get them involved early then they can sew on their own school names into uniforms, darn their toys & anything unplugged can be done on long car trips, it's pure genius.
Special mention to playdough though, my 3rd daughter would eat it, so that limited their exposure, homemade & extra salty, didn't stop her!! Love Posie

Anonymous said...

We make the world's BEST toilet paper people. With goggly eyes and pipe cleaner hair. Sometimes we make cannelloni people, but they're rather fragile and are known to crack under pressure too easily!

Aneets said...

I love baking with the littles. As they're getting bigger I find I really enjoy it. Bonus is I get to eat the end result!

Super Sarah said...

This week we have been stapling together the plastic containers our apples come in, instant train fun for hours!

lisa :: the red thread said...

I love Shane Waltener's work. Thanks for the heads up about the open day.
The handmade revolution at our house is all about crochet, knitting and french knitting at the moment. But there's always lots of papercraft going on at any given time too.

lisa :: the red thread said...

Ummm... OK... I need to stick to the rules!
Here's my 25 words or less:
At our house it's all about crochet, knitting and french knitting at the moment. Always supplemented by papercraft.