Thursday, 4 August 2011

Skater's Dream House

Did you ever draw dream houses when you were a kid? I did. I spent hours drawing floor plans, a really big bedroom, an indoor swimming pool - and by indoor, I mean it was in the heart of the home, large wardrobe, big kitchen, probably a spa, all the bells and whistles. I loved drawing those little floor plans in multi-coloured textas. A wannabe architect.

Well imagine my glee this morning when I stumbled upon this ace house - the PAS House. Everything in the house is skate-able. The walls. The furniture. The whole kit and kaboodle. But you can only skate in there if you're a pro-skater. The PAS House is only a full-scale model of one room of the house, but I'm already saving my pennies.

When the Doctor's bigger, I think we'll invest in this home (ahem). I can imagine teenage boys digging on this idea. Heck, I dig on this idea. Uber cool!

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