Sunday, 23 October 2011

Day 23 of Frocktober: The Ham & The Minx

I had a wonderful afternoon at Calico + Ivy,  listening to Kelly Doust  of The Crafty Minx fame speak about her new book. 

Kelly is an amazing, immaculate, beautiful and inspiring creature with genuine verve for her craft - vintage clothing. She lives and breathes it, and is a joy to listen to, imparting her knowledge of new to her frocks, and how to fix them, give them a make-over, or give them new life.

Definitely, 100% check out her new book Minxy Vintage - available at Calico + Ivy, BTW.

Day 23 of Frocktober: vintage dress, my favourite heels. Strange expression home-made. Photograph by my sister - thanks Choc for capturing my ham.

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small catalogue said...

You look so glam in that late afternoon sun!