Saturday, 15 October 2011

Wedding Bells: Echoing Six Years Later

Matt and I are celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary today. Those six years have passed by in a flash. I might sound like some old fogie, but seriously, as you get older, time seems to travel at such ridiculous pace. I can barely keep up.

Tonight we've booked a babysitter and we're heading out for a low-key pizza and beer. Well Matt doesn't know that yet, because he's at work, but that's where my head is at. That's the kind of evening I want to have. Low-key. Low-maintenance.

I bought myself some sweet peas and roses at the markets to celebrate. It's all about low-maintenance. Uh huh.


Mon Alisa Design said...

We had our 10 year anniversary last week. We couldn't get a babysitter but the girls treated us with dessert (mandarins, avocado and cottees chocolate topping) and a show (Spice Girls). God love them :)
Happy anniversary to you and the Mr toots x

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

Happy 6 years lovebirds. xx