Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tiny In Jeans

Be amazed peeps, be surprised! BEHOLD! Tiny in a pair of jeans. Can you imagine my girl in denim? Nup. Me neither. But here she is. I bribed her with 50 cents to put them on. Bribery. Corruption. Denim delights!

Tiny turns four in a few weeks and I must get organised before everyone gets caught up in Christmas shenanigans and we miss the birthday boat. Peep peep!

Months ago we perused ye olde favourite Australian Women's Weekly cake cookbook (who doesn't remember good times daydreaming about these cakes?), and Tiny requested the Dolly cake. Let's see how that goes.

This party is going to be so fun! Pink-a-licious and fairies. I am excited peeps!

This week for me is all about organisation. I'm getting organised for the birthday party, and getting in early on my Christmas shopping so I can say boo yar to the heaving Christmas crowds. Have you started prepping for Christmas yet?


Mon Alisa Design said...

WOW. I wish I could get my girls in a pair of them. Good luck with the dolly varden cake. If it helps, the disney princess dolls are easier to use as their legs snap off and on easily. Haidee taught me that. x

Sarah said...

Beieve it or not this is the first year I have really got organised for Christmas ssooooo early. It feels so good. Still have a bit to get but I have done a good chunk of it.

HAPPY Birthday parting for you both : o )

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Pretty much done all my Christmas shopping online. no stress no fuss.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

and good luck with the party prep.

mama bear said...

Go tiny! nice denims.

I never got that cake :( always had some strange european tort as a kid. so unfair. xx