Monday, 13 February 2012

Reading + Running

The Doctor is turning into a bit of a bookworm. Which is rad in my books (excuse the pun) - because I was a total bookworm, and from there, my love of the written word formed.

There's so much to be gained from reading a good book. Losing yourself in a story, learning more about language. It's rich and can transport you elsewhere.

On the weekend I bought him Andy Griffiths' book 'The 13-Storey Treehouse'. I thought it would last him a little while. It's a graphic novel, plenty to keep small boys entertained and captive. He read it in one afternoon.

I mean amazeballs. But yikes! This mama better get her game on baby!

Today I went looking for a new book for him. I asked at my favourite children's book store after scouring the shelves by myself. The lady gave me a couple of recommendations, and I wound up with a Horrid Henry book.  

And he read it this afternoon.

So mamas, have you got some book recommendations for my 6.5 year old, book-loving boy? I'm a mama on the prowl looking for new words to share with my little-big boy. I am literally running to keep up with his voracious booky appetite.


Zoe said...

Wow! He must be a great reader! No recommendations here. My 5 year old is yet from reading anything other than his name!

bec said...

ha, I recommend the Library! When they chew them up that quick, you don't want to buy them! Or opshops, they get awesome kids books. He'd probably love Terry Denton's other ones, and the Diary of a wimpy Kid series (my girl does!)

Astred*designcherry said...

Ah love the little bookworms!
I am a book designer ad have had the pleasure of designing books for young boys for random house. I can definitely recommend the 'Roland Wright, Future Knight' series (published a couple of years ago) and if he is into fart jokes and non-fiction, factual staff, you can't go past 'There's a Worm on my Eyeball'
He may also like the new Star League series. All the books I have suggested have illustrations and are designed for young readers.
It's a very exciting time to as young adult books are really coming into their own and there is some real gold out there right now!

Cindy said...

Does Mr Dahl go without saying?
Enid blyton and the far away tree series.
Caleb loved the first Harry potter but got a bit scary by book 4.
I thought he might like the but he didn't feel the love, happy to send them to Dr and see if he likes them.

Cindy said...

oh and there is quite alot in the series and the clarice bean (lauren child) novels are good too

Michelle said...

We (my 6 year old and I) have been reading the Howto Train a Dragon series, and really enjoying it. Flat Stanley is also a hit here.

Michelle said...

Also Roald Dahl - James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr Fox.

Cathi said...

I, too, recommend the library. He can browse the books & pick out his own. I still love the library..even worked as a librarian for a couple of years after I retired from my real job!

74 Lime Lane said...

Have you heard of/tried Zac Power? They come in smaller versions and are very popular with boys. My 7yo read them quite easily. Good reader but more into sport. And I've given Mr 9 and a bit "Artemis Fowl" {there are four or five so far} which he's quite enjoying. Not a fan of Harry Potter, too scary.

Leonie said...

My boys: 8 and 6 and avid readers love Zac Power books, there are two font sizes, big font for earlier readers and then small font for later readers. Roald Dahl books, Astrosaurs series, Will Solvit, Famous 5 is probably a little way off but not far. Secret seven is a possibility too.

Megan said...

My little boy is a compulsive reader, and once he started chapter books there was no stopping him! At 6 he tore through the Narnia books - but also Beverley Cleary (eg Ramona the Brave, the Mouse and the Motorcycle), the How to Train Your Dragon books, and The Secrets of Droon series, and of course Roald Dahl. My favourite kids lit blogger is - lots of suggestions there.

Mama Mogantosh said...

I keep meaning to post here to tell you that we love the Anna Hibiscus series here. Set in Africa. Super sweet. Here's a link: