Thursday, 29 March 2012

Will You Still Respect Me In The Morning?

Every morning, I wake up, stretch, blink my eyelids, and check my emails. I know this routine by rote. It's a bit sad, I do admit, but a lot can go on on the interwebz overnight. I love the interwebz. 

But lately - that 'lot' is a hellofalotta spam. 

I changed the settings on my blog so any anonymous commenters (the nice ones, not the nasty ones) could comment. And that decision has certainly bitten me on the bum. 

Did you know that I am a multi-millionaire in a number of different currencies? That I can access celebrity porn at the click of a mouse? My goodness. PottyMouthMama is a veritable Pandora's box. 

If you are anonymous and wish the channels of conversation to remain open, then state your case, otherwise I must close the floodgates, I am sick of vetting the spam-in-ator. 

So now that I am loaded with my rupees, rand, Euros and US dollars, I probably won't be posting here as often. I'll probably be cruising on yachts watching celebrity porn and chewing on cialis just for kicks.  

You'll just have to make do with this new single from Gossling. It's a pretty darn good consolation, right? Yes. You're damn straight it is. 


Maxabella said...

Spam seems to go straight to the spam box for me. I do get a few in 'older' posts, but I have 'comment moderation' on for posts older than three days, so I just call them spam and they head off to the spam box with their tail between their legs.

That said, I reckon I get 1 anonymous comment a month! So... maybe not such a problem. Or, maybe that's just me! x

ClaireyHewitt said...

I get so few anon comments and no idea about my spam it goes straight to the spam folder. However I do have word verification on for posts that are older than 2 weeks old as most spam usually goes to older rather than new posts.

Mel Moss said...

Goodness you must have been inundated! Just be careful as spam hackers can totally destroy your site, mine got done awhile ago but luckily my genius bro fixed it before too much damage was done. Turn it off ASAP Potty.