Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Lest We Forget

We spent the morning at the ANZAC day march in the city. I should have taken my sunglasses because I see those men and women - I feel overwhelmed and get very wet eyes. 

We caught the train in and caught the train home with the smell of rosemary with us the whole day. 

Today I thought of my grandfather, Gramps. Of my dad's uncle who died at Gallipoli. And Frank who I sometimes walk with in the mornings, who often tells me about shipping over to Singapore as a 17 year old, and returning two weeks later to find everyone had died. 

Those young boys who fought so bravely - I can't even imagine the horror. 

this is Gramps with my grandmother, Mars. 

I spent the afternoon baking ANZAC biscuits - that I stuck together with caramel (thank you Donna Hay), and then I spent a blissful two hours in the garden. 

Lest we forget. 


kelly louise said...

Beautiful. And Mars! Not only is she smoking hot her name is Cool.

Hazel said...

I found out recently that a great, great uncle of mine died at Lone Pine. There was a photo of him on the War memorial web site.

Stuck together with caramel? Now I'm intrigued.