Friday, 27 April 2012

The Emancipation of the Garden

I spent ANZAC Day emancipating the garden from almost two years worth of weeds. It felt so good. Again. I can see where I have been - I see results. Tangible results. 

I want this to be a habit! I truly do! 

I conquered those pesky weeds, grew my own pile of offcuts, found a pumpkin vine sprouting from our compost heap; found some cherry tomatoes sprouting too. 

While I was pottering about in the garden, it made me feel connected with my family. My Mum loves gardening, I think my Dad secretly does too, both sets of my grandparents enjoyed spending time out in their gardens. Isn't it such an easy way to feel connected to the Earth - and slow down your day? 

I've now been sharing with the Doctor and Tiny some plans to plant a wee fairy garden at the front, with daisies and some prettiness. 

Because we rent, I've thought - well we rent, why would I want to garden. Then I came to this week and thought, I want to live in a space that is nice, that feels good, that looks pretty. Gardening is a two way street - and it's win:win both ways. You get to feel that satisfied exhaustion, and you can see results and feel good about it. 

Why am I so late to come to this gardening party?! 

Best of all - I found the water meter. I found the flipping water meter peeps! This is license to party like it's 1999.  It is in the middle of the front fence, and is completely obscured by trees. And weeds. Now it is FREE! 

This lady has totally inspired me. Can you imagine anything more dreamy? Nope. Me neither.

image via Daily Dream Decor


Michelle said...

Hooray for you Lexie! I love that you've discovered gardening. And agree Marian's place is so gorgeous.

I remember watching Josh Byrne from gardening australia talk about the rented house he shared with friends during his uni days. I was amazed at hear about the effort they put into a rented garden. But then I realised that you can practice on a rented garden, then when you get your own place you'll have a bit more of an idea of what to do!


Accidental Lentil... said...

Oh i was the same, always thinking 'it's not worth putting in any effort unless we own the space' but you gotta OWN the space you're living in, you know!? i now love gardening - we spend every afternoon out there, once the sun's strength has waned. show us some more pics Lexi!

shine little light* said...

yay! Tim and I ended up gardening heaps in our sydney rental and spending money on it. we saw it as a hobby and therefor worth it. Plus it is super nice to have some control and a nice space. mmmm roses and bulbs... mmmm. *s*

Hazel said...

Lexi what a sweet thing to say!
I'm glad you've found your inner Peter, although I have to say my gardening heart throb is Monty Don! If Monty can't sell you the pleasure of gardening no one can! I love his writing.
Anyhoo, good on you, we rented for years before moving into our hut, and we grew gardens all the time, mostly in pots (I think Rob wanted to kill me sometimes cause I would buy some many bulbs that we had to cart around each time we moved).
Having a lovely space to spend time in outside makes such a difference, and I'm sure the smalls will love it.
And yeah for finding water meters. Thank goodness we only have to go and tap on the tank to work out our water situation!
I look forward to watching your new habit bloom.