Monday, 18 June 2012

Selling Stuff

So my in-laws have sold their house. Which is good. And it's also a shame. Because we had a whole bunch of stuffIdidn'teverwanttogothrough sitting over there.

And have I ever mentioned we now live in the smallest house in the world? Shoebox size.

So now all the stuffIdidn'teverwanttogothrough is sitting on our verandah. In our living room. Under our house.

I am waiting for Hoarders to come a-knocking.

While I am waiting for them, I am half going through things, half avoiding going through things.

I feel like I am drowning in my crap.

So I've decided to list things on eBay. Like an old Olivetti typewriter. Someone might want that, right?!

Which brings me to my next quandary. Baby clothes. I've kept them, in the hope we will have another baby. But.. Well.. Who knows if that is going to happen. So now we are living in a swamp of baby clothes.

What to do people?

I want non-hoarders to tell me what to do with all these darn baby clothes - besides cry into their tiny-ness and mourn that my children grew up quicker than I can eat a block of Cadbury Marvellous Creations chocolate (which BTW - I just inhale - and BOOM it is gone).

PS - I know it's upside down. I am too tired. Too Gone with the wind to be bothered to fix it. Just turn your computer screen upside down. Or your head.


Cat said...

I am in same predicament re baby clothes & small house except I know for sure I can't have more babies for medical reasons. Oh that chocolate is EVIL! ;) & yep someone will totally want that typewriter. & this is possibly world's most poorly structured comment cos also too tired to think straight!

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

you could do what I did and give all the tiny stuff away when your hairdresser tells you she is going to visit an orphange in Bali and then 2 months later get pregnant! but alas, someone always saves it and I have a friend who is giving me all hers. I kept all the really gorgeous things, but not the bonds onesie kind of takes up so much room, even in spacebags! we have a tiny house too.

Elisa {with grace and eve} said...

Oh this happened to me when my parents recently moved. I really felt they could take one for the team and move it with them, but no... turns out I'm a hoarder. I thought I was nostalgic. Tragic hoarder. Ebay sounds like a good idea! xx

Norbyah said...

i had the same predicament when we moved to hong kong. downsized majorly, especially with baby clothes. now i just have the ones i'm hanging onto for sentimental value. it's still a huge lot. so hard to think about getting rid of. i have it in my head that maybe i'll pass them onto my grandchildren some day, way down the road from now.

Anonymous said...

You an also try freecycle - I'm sure Sydney town would have a local chapter? That way people will just come pick it up from you.

rachelmp said...

I kept all my favourites and put them in a box under the kids bed. Unfortunately our 6 year old daughter keeps getting them out and dressing her toys in them. Its a bit sad seeing a teddy wearing the jumpsuit our 18 year old came home from hospital in

Monique said...

I spent last holidays going through all my teeny stuff. I kept a few special things for each kid and gave the rest away. I figure that if I am blessed with an unexpected third people will be as generous as they were with my first and I will be inundated with things.

Be brave be strong take a big breathe and let it all go out into the world.

PS thanks for the review of lego workshop

om said...

Keep the firsts; Facebook the rest.

mama bear said...

Space bags. I've got all of Rosie's clothes up until now in two of them and when you suck out off the air they end up being so flat! I think I cried when I thought saw them all squished up in there.

or, just have another baby! xx

ps. clean outs are good! i've been clearing out big time. it's a new profession as an eBay trader.

Luna said...

At least you've started going through your stuff. We will be this weekend too, nothing like clearing unwanted crap in the cold winter.