Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Embarrassing Bodies:: Why? Why? Why?

What happens to people that makes them go on "Embarrassing Bodies"?

I mean, I am all for seeking medical help if you need it, or have any questions, but what makes you go on a global TV show to talk about your body woes?

Talk to me. I really want to know. What makes people do it?

I mean it makes for great viewing for me. But... why?

This is not a sponsored post. I just am curious what brings these people to share this with an audience of millions?

And finally - last but definitely not least - how would you caption this photo?


ecobabe ecobabe said...

I love that it's not a sponsored post. I think the NHS and low incomes make people go on this show. If I wanted a breast reduction sand could get ow for free by going on this show then I would consider it. But the reality is that I seriously don't need a breast reduction so I don't really know what's going on

Reannon Hope said...

I bloody love that show but often wonder too why they aren't going to see their normal GP about some of the problems they have....maybe it's like ecobabe^^^ said, it's a money thing.
I know that as much as I don't mind my doctor getting all up in my business I sure as hell wouldn't have it on a TV show!

Milina said...

Isn't Dr Christian in his element in this photo! I've also heard that all of their medical expenses are covered, but I also wander why. And why have some of them waited so long to do something about their problems.

Laura Jane said...

I quite like the show. I can see whay some of them put off seeking advice, but it is often an opinion sought as the opportunity arose, spur of the moment, for a nagging problem.
That photo is just all sorts of wrong, and its quite unlike the tenor of the show, which is mostly very respectful of the people they treat.
I can't even identify the instrument he is holding!

However a possible caption could be " This is not only the NHS, but it is British TV. Now lie back and think of England madam, there's no need to feel shy, I'm not embarassed to be one of three people peering up your whatsit, why are you?"

Mon Alisa Design said...

Return to the Abyss?

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

I watched this show once and my retinas are scarred from what I saw. I don't understand it at all and think it is the worst kind of exploitation of vulnerable people.

Cassandra J said...

My husband actually says whenever he sees a vagina on tv he now shys away with fear because of this show. He just automatically assumes something grose is going to appear. That's something for a 24 year old male!

I think people like their 15 minutes of fame no matter what. Its likes the naughty kid in class who just wants attention, good or bad.

I must admit I do love this show. It's like a bruise, I know it's painful but I'll push on it anyway.

Cassandra J said...
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Carli (Tiny Savages) said...

That show! I have an uncanny knack for changing the channel right when a buried penis is on. I don't know the answer to 'why' but won't someone please make it stop?!

Fsn said...

I think it's the lure of having your ailment whatever it may be treated immediately by private doctors rather than waiting 18weeks+ to have it done on the NHS.
I suppose in a round a bout way there's a positive message too - that people shouldn't be afraid to visit their GP's for embarassing problems.
Either that or people just want to be probed by Dr. Chritian!

Mrs Smith said...

That looks like a really warped version of the Charlie's Angels pic.

'KY me up Dr Pixie, I'm going in. And this one's a doozy!'

Rolonda said...

I think for the picture.. instead of using a real person i think they payed money to get realistic legs.. cuz as u see the women are holding it.. but his face makes him look like a raper... eww