Monday, 24 September 2012

The Emmys: Angelina's Leg Is Back, Kat Dennings, Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Jena Malone and Angelina Jolie are apparently such good friends that Jena borrowed Angelina's leg to wear to The Emmys. I do like this Grecian style dress though. But she should have asked Angelina to change her shoes. I am not cray-cray about that ankle strap.

Kat Dennings you make a grown woman weep. This sings to me. In an operatic, in tune kind of way that makes me think I've gone to heaven and back again, all on the one magic red carpet. I love the dress. The lips. And the cuff. And your hair. And everything. But I am left wondering what your boobs are thinking of themselves right now. BTW - they look fab.

Va-va-va-VOOM! Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Girl you have got it going on. Hottie batotties. I am not usually a massive fan of burgundy as it reminds me of the nasty girls at the other high school in town, but I've completely forgotten about them throwing that rotten apple at my head as soon as I saw you. I like this.You look spectacular.

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shine little light* said...

BOOBS! My goodness! There must be twenty rolls of tape in there?! I wouldn't know Im a boring old B cup and cant pull off such stunts of boobdom!