Monday, 24 September 2012

The Emmys: Kerry Washington, Lucy Liu, Kelly Osbourne

So this, my friends, is how it is done. Take a full length sequinned gown that fits like a glove and demonstrates all of your assets (uh huh), a little swivel of the hips, add a pared back clutch, a killer cocktail ring, et VOILA! The only thing I'd change is the hair. Doesn't feel like it does the rest of the look justice. I'd like to see some finger curls. Are you feeling me?

 Did you know that Lucy Liu is set to star in the remake of Men In Black? Me neither! But this dress is testament. Actually, I am lying. She's going to be the mirror in Sleeping Beauty. She's just trying out her costume again. Ok! I am lying again. On the flip side, she does look very statue-esque. Did you know they're remaking the Oscars award and Lucy Liu is their mold? I am a compulsive LIAR.
Hubba Bubba. Oh I mean hubba hubba. It's grape to see Kelly Osbourne treading the red carpet. I love this fitted frock, she looks totally vine. Oh I mean totally fine.

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