Thursday, 11 October 2012

Lovers. And Hey It's Your 7th Wedding Anniversary. You Love Copper. Right?!

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you could buy this beautiful copper colander here

Matt and I are celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary next week. And wedding anniversaries always leave me in a quandary. 

Who the heck came up with the random meanings attached to the number of years you're married?

Last year was sugar. This year it's copper.

What the Hector am I meant to get my husband that's copper, besides going to CopperArt (is that even still open?), a copper bracelet to fend off arthritis, or a copper saucepan. Enter the snoozefest. 

Last year it was sugar. And if you know Matt and I, we already have a sweet tooth. So that was out. But instead we were at the markets, I spied a vintage sugar bowl - and though (sugar) snaps! And we bought it. Simple, practical, and very much loved. It happened to also have a man and a woman on it. And a cat. One day we will have a cat. When we brainwash our landlord. 

Copper piping? The single of Copperhead Road? 

Has anyone got any inspiration to share with me? 

A private show by David Copperfield?

A hot copper?

Or maybe, while in bed, totally neeeeewd, I'll turn over to my husband, present him with a gift box, he unwraps it, and inside is this... er.. Swarovski Squirrel. Everything he could ever hope for.

If you have any uber bright ideas, please do share with me. I am all ears. Someone help me. I need your help! Actually, we're going small. We'll find something small again together. 


Christina Lowry said...

Wool is the other traditional gift for the seventh wedding anniversary. (I would be all set with that one, knitter that I am!)

I know! A copper coloured scarf made from wool! Two birds, one stone! :)

Kirsten said...

Gifting squirrels in the neeeewwwwwd Lexi? What more could your husband want??? You're a keeper for sure.

Leanne Bertram said...

I'm furniture this year - I KNOW, HOW PUMPED AM I?!
( answer: very )

Leanne Bertram said...

btw Lexie .. I have a copper hit for you that's better than a squirrel, but also NSFW.
Hint: think steampunk, not squirrel..