Monday, 8 October 2012

Tiny Style Posts: How To Get The Look

I've been inundated with emails, phone calls, faxes, tweets, SMSes, skywriters and pigeon couriers asking, nay - demanding - "Just how in tarnation do I steal her style?"

Yes you saw it on Instagram, and now you want to rock the get up a la Tiny de Bouvier. 

Well here is the lowdown for your fashion showdown.

How to get the look, Tiny style:
- wear a t-shirt as a skirt - we like to call it a t-skirt. It's even better if it keeps sliding off throughout the day so everyone sees your knickers. Multiple times. 
- Converse hi-tops are not optional. They're standard. Wear them.
- A fur jacket is not so much about warmth as it is about looking like a Wookie. Wookie's are the epitome of style. It's only so long before Carine Roitfield starts to tap that
- want to dress your outfit up in a snap? Add a bow tie! Don't have a bow tie? Add a hairband with a bow on it. And make it snappy


Pip @ JustB said...

Tiny is my style icon. I love her so much. Viva La Tiny! *BANG!!* <<<< (sound of door slamming as Pip runs to store to buy Converse Hi-Tops)

Reannon Hope said...

I love Tiny & her cray style! It reminds me if how I used to dress as a teen allllll the way through until I had my first baby & decided I need to dress a little more appropriately.
I love that you let her dress how she likes too. You are a good Mumma Lexi xx

Jess said...

OH Tiny, she just has it doesn't she?!x

Lindy in Brisbane said...


Lindy in Brisbane said...


Lacey Bryan said...

She is adorable!