Monday, 8 October 2012

Day 8:: Frocktober - Shania Twain Called. She Wants Her Back Up Singers Back

Life's tough when you don't get your own rider. I mean Shania. She gets a rider. On her is listed:
- Pepsi Max
- bottled water from the rare waters of the Neopolitan Swirls
- a packet of CCs and vanilla Paddlepops
- a gimp
- a unicorn
- and a packet of musk Lifesavers

Me and Tiny? We get nothin'. If we're lucky some warm lemon and honey. And a dirty microphone that some roadie hooks up for us.

Today's outfit:
- Country Road smock dress
- microphone - Tiny's wand
- I am sorry Moges - I have failed both you and my Mum. No belt today. I needed to breathe. 

Get your sponsor on over here. I'm in the top 5 fundraisers! Let's fend off ovarian cancer together. Sponsor me! Please ladies! 


One Flew Over said...

I have said it to Choc and I will say it to should have been an actress. Get to Nida STAT!

Very much looking forward to the rest of October...such goodness here.


Yvette Hamilton said...

Hilarious photos,you're truly rocking the frocking.