Thursday, 29 November 2012


The last couple of nights I've come home from work, Matt and I have fed, bathed and put the smalls to bed, and then I've crashed into a heap into my own bed. 

I am k-to-the-nackered. So freaking tired. 

And no. Before any wild speculation begins - not pregnant. 

I think it's the time of the year. There's too much on, work-wise it's chaos, school wise - there's loads on, and there's just lots to do leading into Christmas. I've barely even started my Christmas shopping. Ouch.

Plus our house is one big gigantic mess. You might have this idea that it's pristine with some clothes scattered hither and thither - but let's not beat around the bush. We live in a super tiny house that is so small you can very literally see into each room from the front door. And we've got no storage. I'm starting to think we should look for a new abode to rent. But I just can't muster the energy to think about moving pre Christmas. Meh. 

Anyway - it makes me think of this book Matt loved as a small boy, that we read to the kids, What-A-Mess. Often on my drive to work I see a lady walking two large Afghans and think of this book. And then I think of the messy state of my house. It's clean. And yet, it's a gigantic mess. But you should read the book. It's a funny book.

How are you going in the lead up to Christmas? Coping better than me? 


small catalogue said...

What-a-Mess was my absolute favourite book ever as a child. I loved it so much I even named my dog What-a-Mess. Matt has great taste.

Christie said...

Crazy 'round these parts too, in fact we were heading out to dinner last night so I ran around like a crazy woman trying to make the house look orderly lest the babysitter think that we live in such a mess.

Bex said...

I loved this book when I was a kid and I've just dug out my old copy to read to my kids. It's still brilliant as an adult. I mean who knows what they are really?? I'd definitely settle for being a dear.

Missus Sabbatical said...

I loved this book too! my goodness gorgeous, I am knackered too and have done sweet nothing at all leading up to christmas except growling at the family to tidy up their messes! I am pooped, but it will all fall into place I'm sure. xx