Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Five Ways To Get To Work On Time

Over the past two and a half years I've figured a thing or two out about getting out the door - or more likely - not getting out the door on time. It's been cause for studying my routine - or more likely - lack of routine, and share this trivial list of five ideas to get you to your office on time. And if you have anything to add to this list, feel free to in the comments and I'll add them in. Together we can knock the proverbial socks off our bosses with our punctuality.

1. Dress Ups: Forget getting me to the altar on time - that was a cinch, but getting to the office on time while wrangling two small children and the breakfast rush? Sheesh. I deserve a payrise for mother of the year. Every night I get my clothes out ready for the next day. Call me crazy - but I even look up the weather forecast for the next day to figure out if I need a cardi. I hang it all up - including accessories, so that in the morning, the only thing I have to think about is - where'd I put the cornflakes? 

2. Break up with your make-up: I love make-up. But in my rush to get out the door, I was applying foundation at home, then doing the rest in the car on the way to work. After watching this, I've realised it's dangerous. So I've broken up with some of my make-up and streamlined. Now it's primer, foundation, blush, eyeliner. And boom. Done. If I'm lucky - a quick slick of lipstick. 

3. Wake Up Half An Hour Earlier (and go to bed earlier): It's a no-brainer, right? But do you know how long it's taken for me to get this through to myself. I've talked about it before - I'm. Not. A. Morning. Person. But now I've got myself waking up without an alarm clock at 5:45am. Yep. Crazy. But that way I get an hour of exercise in before anyone's even woken up, and I come home and help everyone get ready.

4. Enlist help: I give my kids small jobs to do - as part of our morning routine. We iron the Doctor's school uniform on the weekend so the week runs (sort of) smoothly - and his gear is all kept in the same spot so he can easily find it. Tiny chooses her preschool gear and gets herself organised (sometimes). Well that's the plan. The smalls make their beds (they don't have to be perfect) and we try and incorporate the smalls into the morning routine so that they are part of it - rather than being waited on. They've got the routine down pat too. 

5. Eat: One of my biggest mistakes in my haste to get out of the door is not eating breakfast. I arrive at work ragged and with the distraction of an empty stomach. Then I get hangry - and, well, the day goes rapidly downhill. Every night I prep my cheat's bircher muesli - super simple, super yummy, and super healthy: oats and some rice milk left overnight in the fridge. Come morning - et voila - I add some fresh fruit, slivered almonds - or walnuts, whatever floats my boat, some LSA and some yoghurt (or my new food crush Coyo). 

And I also try and pack my lunch when I pack the kids lunches. Then I am guaranteed to have lunch - and not have to resort to the vending machine. I hate the vending machine. 

Do not forget to kiss your kids before you leave for the day. Without fail. A missed kiss makes me sad! 

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Hazel said...

I'm struggling to get to work at the moment, I just can't get up, goodness know what it will be like with two babies one day!