Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Stop Sign

Back when I was in my early twenties, I knew this guy Craig. Via his work, and my work, we'd run into each other often. Me being an idiot, and him being a goofball - well he earned himself a nickname. Craig The Stop Sign.

I called him that. My friends called him that. And pretty soon - many random people were calling him Craig The Stop Sign.

I remember a friend of mine calling me early one day - after sighting Craig the Stop Sign - and telling me how she'd called out in a too-loud voice: "Good morning Craig the Stop Sign!" - And the puzzled look he gave her.

Going out on the town one night - everyone was calling him this new nickname - and quite frankly - he was puzzled.

It was the Craig the Stop Sign snowball effect.

I loved Tism - those super intelligent blokes fronting up for an anonymous tune or two - and by default, I thought I was equally as witty by attaching this song to Craig.

After a few years of this inside joking going outside, and me thinking it was so witty and clever of me, I discovered something big.

The Tism song I had been quoting - well - I had been mis-quoting. For over a year.

It's not Craig the Stop Sign. It's Greg. It's damn well Greg the Stop Sign.

Moral here? Check the lyrics before you attach it to someone.

Random story over.


hugoandelsa said...

ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

David Moore said...

Nice post. I thought you were going to tell me that Craig turned out to be the bass player...because that is/was the TISM bass player's real name.
Met them minus masks via a friend after a gig once.

sar (accidental lentil) said...

Ha! i read that thinking "shit, did i get it wrong that whole time and it's actually 'craaaaig, the stop sign'.". that's the kinda thing i'd do too. funny.