Monday, 10 December 2012

Uber Good Gift Guide:: For Teachers

The term is nearly done - and teachers can be tricky. I don't know my kid's teachers super well - so buying for them can be hard. And yet, I want to give them something nice to acknowledge the hard and awesome work they do tirelessly all year. Here are some ideas I've hunted and gathered. Attention class - let's start this lesson in gift ideas for teachers. 

1. Hope & Greenwood Sweet Shop Mug from Lark $19.95::  How cool is this mug with the graphic design? It'd make a great addition to a desk - and then a subtraction when you pick it up for playground duty. See what I did that?

2. Rifle Paper Co. Coaster set from Notemaker $29.95:: A classic gift? Coasters! Rifle Paper Co. is my go-to for beauty, and I love these coasters. 

3. Sailor Mo Hankie from The Supercool $15.95:: If you've got a man-teacher (and I'm married to one) check out these rad hankies. Put a mo' on it! 

4. Blackboard Spice Jar from Lark $9.95:: Fill this baby up with some nougat - or some homemade rocky road. The blackboard label spells it out for you. 

5. Uashmama bag - natural small from Grosgrain Homewares $22.95:: Fill this with the shiniest apples you can find, a gift label - et voila. An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but it keeps the teacher's totes happy. 

6. Galison Classic Journal from Little Paper Lane $19.95:: Pair this with a nice pen, and you've got yourself a sweet gift. Nothing beats the promise of a fresh blank page. 

7. Barr-Co. Bath Salts from Saison $19.95:: After a long school year, what's better than whiling away your new-found spare time than a bath and a good book? Didn't hear you. Oh nothing. Yes. That's correct. Gold star, top of the class. 

8. Vintage Enamel Daisy brooch from Follow $25:: How sweet are these brooches? And this one's just the ticket for the librarian. 

9. Christmas Tree Crackerbang set of 3 from MCA Store $16.95:: Give a gift that your teacher can love for years to come. Christmas decorations are always treasured, and these neon painted plywood trees are super cool. 

10. Eastern Sunshine tea from T2 $20:: Try a new tea! I love trying new teas - and I'm sure everyone else does too - er don't they? And this one has added sunshine. Sweet!

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Sunday Collector said...

You are so clever. Such good suggestions - love the mo hankie! I'm getting my mojo back to start blogging 110% again - and actually excited! And...thank you for the lovely dinner set today. I want to share it with my readers soon. x