Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Uber Good Gift Guide:: Kris Kringle AKA Secret Santa

We've all been there - the (dreaded) Kris Kringle. Pull a (sometimes) random name from a hat - and buy them a gift. It sends quivers of terror through my body. Two years in a row I've bought really awesome (even if I do say so myself) KK gifts - and received two really ordinary gifts in return (read: a Dutch doughnut maker that sat under my desk for 12 months). 

But this year friends I'm sharing the inspiration! Because this year I have got Kris Kringle covered. Here are 10 ideas - and each are under $20. Go wild! 

1. Sorry I'm Such An Asshole balloons from Third Drawer Down $18:: Got to buy for the office asshole? These balloons are totes the best thing you could get them. 

2. The Ice Cream truck nail transfers from Hello Darling $14.95:: Looking for something super cool for someone into nail art? How rad are these?! 

3. A Collection a day book by Lisa Congdon from The Supercool $20:: The perfectly curated book of collections - it makes a great coffee table book with beautiful photography and kooky collections.

4. Lip glazes from Kit Cosmetics $19.95 each:: I am a big fan of glosses and glazes. These pretty hues are so perfect for summer. 

5. Gerry - a bear potholder from Teddy Bear's Wednesday $15:: Handmade by super talented, Melbourne-based Jess, in my book - this is too good to use - and more a piece of art than to be used for hot pots. But that's just me. Look how cool they are hung in a cluster.  

6. Happy Socks from Lady Pinwheel $16.95:: Oh how I love these Happy Socks. So fun, quirky and colourful, you totes couldn't be sad with these on.

7. Felt necklace - large - from Ecobabe $19.95:: Handmade in Nepal using Australian wool, this necklace adds an instant splash of colour.  

8. Owl Statue (20cm) from Freedom $14.95:: Wise up with this owl statue. Cool on a desk, bookshelf, or bedside.  

9. Crowned Sleeping Bear trinket/Coin pouch from Handmade Romance $20:: Another Melbourne based crafter/artist, Evie is ridiculously talented - and again - this is a piece of art for everyday use. Swooning.  

10. Clean Water from Oxfam $14:: Instead of buying someone a drink this Christmas, buy lots of people thousands of drinks. Lots more Oxfam ideas here.  


reread said...

Nice little selection ...

Jess said...

Lexi you are the sweetest! To include me in such uber excellent company thank you xo